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by Ashley M

Birthday Celebration @ iDarts Hex, Scott Garden

I haven’t gotten the time to post about the awesome birthday week I had last month! 
The entire week was awesome and it ended with a small celebration with close friends at iDarts Hex! Many thanks to iDarts Malaysia and my dear friend Leonard Chua for sponsoring the venue and drinks that night. 🙂

Above : Me and my baby sis. We don’t look alike, but sound alike on the phone. She’s the first to give me a birthday gift and probably the most glamourous necklace I’ve ever owned. 😉

My birthday week has been so special!

 It all started with celebrating with some friends on my birthday eve,
 my happening cousin & Bob on the day itself & killing zombies at the CC with Ben,
 meeting my childhood friend on Wednesday, 
went down to Melaka for Mixx Club’s anniversary on Thursday night,
 a girls’ night out with my sweetheart Charms on Fri,
 and this on Saturday night! 

Double layered flourless chocolate fudge cake!
Two candles… I’m obviously not two years old.
Go figure, it’s a no brainer. Lol

 Albeit a little bit anxious because I’m not used to having a birthday party-party, planning here and there. I don’t know what to expect. I mean, I can’t even host a proper house party when playing The Sims! I was thinking, “ohh man… how do I not make this a bore…”
 I had arrived quite late… (for my own party) at Scott Garden around 930pm. We were given a VIP section, courtesy of iDarts Malaysia, and I arrived to see most of my guests seated and mingling already. 
It was so nice to see happy, smiling, familiar faces in one place!

Kimbo being a dear and helped me light up the candles. I’ve not had an actual birthday party/celebration for years.. probably since I was 13!

Dance partner surprised me by making this lovely cake. (He knows how much I love it)
Very talented in the kitchen, I can tell you that!
 ALL of our dance friends couldn’t keep their hands off this famous flourless chocolate cake of his the first time he made it and brought it to our Genting trip! He did an amazing job at it. 

Thanks for being so awesome! ❤ 
Unlike his usual flourless choc cake, this one has two layers. 
So the sinfulness is doubled!
Diet completely out of the window! *le toss*

Angel! Give Clark Kent back his top! 

With Don Harris & Kimbo

 Wouldn’t be a celebration without my wingwoman, Charmaine! ❤ We had a blast the night before and spent the night at her place.

 Genting gang.
Probably the most awesome group of people ever! I’ll miss you guys ever so dearly when I leave for Kiwiland.

Doing what we do best – being posers. 

 Leonard Chua, thanks a million for making this party happen. 🙂 You’re the best!

“She’s growing up so fast!” – Tim Chew.
Thank you for coming and opening windows of opportunities for me, making me a member of MHB since I was only 18… and taking care of me at events. Hee.

Andy Kho, who took all these lovely pics! 
Thank you for the whole disc filled with them.

 Crooked finguursss



It was so nice to see everyone mingling and having a fun time playing darts, drinking, and having cake.

 The night was still young, at 11pm. We started being all crazy already.


Doing the death drop. Probably the messiest death drop ever. Haha

Ben, the life of our dance group.

All of us.
I’ve never had such a blissful and enjoyable birthday in my life! I wasn’t used to celebratory parties, but I had to say, I really had a good time despite being a little tired over the weekend. 
Thank you for all the birthday wishes that flooded my iPhone, Twitter, FB inbox, FB wall and whatsapp!
I seriously couldn’t have asked for more. 🙂
I love you, all my favorite people.
 Ashley Mah

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