So Space

by Ashley M

Nothing a mug of Hot Chocolate can’t fix!

Talk about Monday blues. Who likes Mondays anyway?
It’s a cold one too, about 15 Celsius in Wellington from evening onwards although the day started out rather sunny. It is nearly autumn anyway. I kinda liked the cold wind walking back from uni tonight.
This is going to be a ranting post. Just because I sliced my finger twice on the same finger.. While cutting veggies last night. (On the knife hand mind you, no one gets injured from the back of the knife blade the way I do) and today, my own pencil decided to pierce through the skin of my palm, causing my to freak while watching it bleed.
Now how do I get injured in these weird and not to mention, quite ridiculous ways…. I have no idea. Ill just blame it on the fact that its a Monday or that im such a klutz. Haha
If there’s one thing I really need to learn how to do is to manage stress. Since my last faint episode at the Royal Flush caused by massive stress, I had none until today when things (only started) to get intense in uni. We had class from 9am and stayed till 930 at uni. Including sectionals and practice. Maybe I got too exhausted.. I ended up throwing up my dinner because I felt too on edge.
And this is only the beginning. I gotta learn how to take in things bit by bit and not crack under pressure. The night got better when Doug walked me back from uni and carried my stuff for me. He is such a sweetheart! And I had my lovely classmates who paid me a visit while I was practicing in the practice rooms after hearing what had happened.
Now I’m back at mine, in one piece after making myself some hot chocolate, recovering and preparing myself for lessons tomorrow with my lecturer. Hopefully my practice paid off and I don’t end up giving him a headache at 10am! 🙂

 Ashley Mah

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