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by Ashley M

Food Review : Sushi Tei

Craving for a gooooooooood pigging out sesh without crying about having a “fat day” the day after?
 Start by putting away those chocolates because sushi is the better option! In fact,I just did that yesterday after having some serious sushi cravings all the way in Wellington. Hee.
Myself, Chenelle and Karen ❤
It’s been awhile since I’ve done this food review (which would explain why I didn’t have bangs), I thought it was time to share about one of my favorite places to go for sushi in KL. I’ve gone to Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall with Tim and the MHB girls and we were treated to a massive sushi feast, courtesy of Sushi Tei’s manager.
We were greeted with smiling faces and a loud “Irashaimase!” by the friendly staff as we entered the restaurant and ushered to a nice private room where we sat and chatted till the food arrived.
Crunchy Tuna,  RM18.80  which was nothing short of a scrumptious appetizer!
Sukiyaki, RM18.80
This is a dish best served hot! It’s a soupy, stew-ish dish which consists of thinly sliced beef, which simmered and boiled in the soup. Then, it is usually dipped in a bowl of raw egg before being eaten! The soup is a sweet mixture of mirin, soy sauce and sugar. 
Gyuniko Roll, RM12.80
This is rolled beef with vegetables and mushrooms stuffed in it. I liked the texture of the beef as it was soft enough and not too chewy.

Hotate Misomayo, RM16.80, which was just simply lovely.
Shiretoko, RM88.80
The salmon sashimi was light but rich in flavour and melted beautifully in my mouth. The tuna and the rest were creamy and had a strong taste! I just love the sashimi’s here.
Hokkaido Corn Croquette RM6.80
I enjoyed devouring its crunchy outer layer with steaming hot corn inside of it, with greens to go with it!
Dai Dai Roll, RM13.80
It tastes as lovely as it looks mouthwatering!
Collagen Salmon Roll, RM23.80
This salmon roll is not your ordinary salmon roll, it has a thin layer of collagen on it, which is packed with all kinds of goodness, especially for ladies! Collagen is good for keeping the skin beautiful and reducing the appearance of scars and acne, among all other awesome things. The girls went crazaayy over this dish! Be sure to give this dish a try if you do eat at Sushi Tei!
Warm Sake, RM14
Perfect to wash down all the delicious food we stuffed ourselves with.

For dessert, I was pleasantly surprised when we were served 3 different flavors of ice-creams.
At Sushi Tei, you could have coffee, cheese or rice flavored ice-creams! I was so curious about how the cheese and rice ice-cream tasted like, so I went for those two first.

Unique flavors indeed, maybe a bit bizarre to some people but I personally loved the cheese flavor the most! Here’s the thing ; the taste of cheese isn’t as overpowering or overwhelming (Parmesan cheese, per se). In fact, the flavor was light, with a hint of cheese, sweet and no strange aftertaste. It is the same with rice flavored ice-cream. The aroma of rice filled my palette, but at the same time, I could taste the sweetness of the ice=cream.

They were probably a few of the nicer ice creams I’ve eaten, as I’m the type who don’t really enjoy too rich flavored ice creams.

Look at all of us busy digging into our ice-creams!

I would definitely recommend this place to people who wanna try out interesting ice-creams, and really good sushi.

Photos are courtesy of Andy Kho (above)

Sushi Tei Tropicana City Mall

 Address: Lot G-16, Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
3, Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

Contact:  03 7728 9299
                03-7728 4299

Business Hours : 11.30am-10pm
Facebook page :

Ashley Mah

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