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by Ashley M

Fish & Chips Cravings – Te Aro Fish Supplies Ltd

Since I’ve been in New Zealand, I’ve been told that one of the food highlights here is fish and chips. People have been telling me that New Zealand has amazing fish and chips!
 I wont deny it, because the first meal I had in New Zealand, Auckland to be precise, was fish and chips. I had it in a regular food court at Sylvia Park, during a transit wait, before flying to Wellington.
Since then, I’ve been craving for a good plate of fish and chips in Wellington.
 At first, finding proper places for it in Wellington isn’t as easy as I thought. It didn’t help that most food reviews or websites weren’t helping, some even leave out business hours. So, there were a couple of times when Doug and I walked to the shop, only to find out that it was closed. Definitely a “GRAH!!!” or “FFFUUUUU” moment.
We did our fair share of research and found a couple of fish and chips outlets in Wellington. One of them is Te Aro Fish Supplies Ltd, at Aro Valley. I was also recommended by a classmate that this was the place to get good fish and chips.

I found it to be a quaint little stand-alone shop on the street, next to a bakery and opposite a cafe. (First picture above) 
However, it didn’t look like it was open. Doug and I glanced at the piece of paper that listed the business hours of the shop, and it was supposed to be open at 1pm, on a Saturday. Deciding to wait around for fish and chips anyway, we had coffee at the bakery and waited till the fish and chips shop opened.. which was at 1.30pm.
Tsk. Being hungry and having the time of the month when I hate being a girl is definitely sucked. Well, at least it was open!

They don’t just sell fish and chips. Heaps of other things too.
We got a set of fish & chips each, which was $6. 
We were served within 10 minutes, with a massive serving of fish and chips each.

Wrapped in a few layers of brown paper and it felt really warm. I was so excited! 

Look and STARE at it.
This was what I was greeted with after unwrapping the “parcel”.
I know, for one, that my dad (if you’re reading this post now, BE JEALOUS),
 would kill for this generous amount of chips and huge portion of fish. Everything was so golden and lovely!
The place is run by a Chinese man, who was really friendly with us and spoke Mandarin to Doug, both of them chatting away happily. I just stared and smiled cos my Mandarin wasn’t that great. Haha I’m an embarrassment.
Anyway, this place was  a takeaway shop, thus there was no proper tables and chairs, except a bench outside. I thought the whole setting of the fish and chips shop looked pretty cute though. Hehe.
So! If you are in Wellington and as lost as I still am, here’s one place for fish and chips! But my advice is to eat it fast because it gets soggy quickly. 
Te Aro Fish Supplies Ltd
Business hours :

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Thursday ; 1pm – 9.30pm
Friday ; 1 – 10.30pm
Saturday ; 1pm – 9.30pm
Sunday ; 5pm – 9.30pm

85 Aro St
Aro Valley

Ps. Doug and I had gone home with our fish and chips, eating while watching Kung Fu Hustle in English. I still can’t believe we finished an entire Chinese movie in English. Haha!! I’ve never heard Stephen Chow sound so weird in my entire life!
Time for my tutorial. Mondays hate me.
Ashley Mah

2 comments on “Fish & Chips Cravings – Te Aro Fish Supplies Ltd

  1. HenRy LeE
    March 25, 2013

    yummyyyyy! haven't eaten breakfast yet…hatechu! 😛


  2. Ashley Mah
    March 25, 2013

    hehe it was real yums!


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