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by Ashley M

Movie Review : Beautiful Creatures (2013)

In the mood for a love story and witchcraft?

Then Beautiful Creatures is a must-watch!

I’ve watched this and surprisingly, enjoyed it. Initially, I was quite skeptical about it, after the agonizing and grueling Twilight series, my thoughts about romance and supernatural stuff went down the drain, part of me expecting this movie to turn out to be something like Twilight too. This movie was like fresh air in the whole ‘supernatural romance’ movie genre.

The movie plays out with lovable and extremely cute Ethan (screw you, Edward Cullen), who’s a small town boy, who has been having dreams about a girl he doesn’t know. He then meets a mysterious new girl, Lena, who just moved into town. He takes an interest in her and as they got closer, they slowly unraveled their respective families’ dark secrets, pasts and their town.

Ethan Lawson Wate (Alden Ehrenreich). He’s super adorable!

Lena (Alice Englert), who’s new in town.

 Eventually, the two fall in love, but Lena, being a witch, has to face some sort of a ‘big day’, when she has to choose the dark or light side of witchery. Things start to get complicated by then.

Things get even messier when Lena’s “dark” family members come into the picture, like Ridley Duchannes (played by Emmy Rossum).

Basically, that’s the summary of it, but doesn’t do the movie justice, however. You’ve just got to watch it to know. Not gonna spoil it for you guys!
 I was quite impressed with the plot because it wasn’t just a simple, shallow chick-flick or movie. It was a lot deeper, despite the whole tale being based on teenage romance.
I’m glad that they didn’t have super lame or shitty dialogues and lines in this movie too. *thumbs up*

Ratings : 7/10
Worth my watch, would consider watching it again!

Here’s the trailer –


Ashley Mah

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