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by Ashley M

Movie Review : The Hangover Part 3

I’ve watched this movie a few weeks back and still smile 
when I think about the funny bits or talk about it with Doug. Even after 2 movies, the directors still manage to keep things fresh and interesting. 
Anyway, the Wolf Pack is back with a new twist to the plot! Yes, there’s more mayhem in this final puzzle piece to the Hangover Trilogy and it is not to be missed. I could watch it again and again and again. There were times where things got into serious/thriller mode, then the characters just dove into comedy again. It was amazing!
My most favorite character in this movie is, no doubt, Mr Chow, who plays the funny villain in the trilogy. He just doesn’t die! He just keeps reappearing and we love it! Ken Jeong, who plays Mr Chow, is simply an amazing actor. I watched one of his interviews and turns out that he’s a certified doctor as well! Can you imagine that? Mr Chow, a doctor in real life? Damn. 
Here’s the twist ; (spoiler alert) 
No one got drugged.
In part three of the trilogy, Mr Chow escapes from prison in Thailand where he was arrested in The Hangover 2. Meanwhile, while Doug, Phil and Stu were taking Alan to a rehab facility, Phil’s minivan is rammed off the road and they were taken hostage by a mob. Doug is taken hostage while the Wolf Pack is sent off to track down Chow, by the angry mob leader.
The rest is for you to watch and find out. 🙂
When I watched the trailer, I just couldn’t wait to get time on my hands to run to the cinema to catch this movie. If there’s one word to sum up the Hangover Trilogy, it would be unpredictable. Seriously, I could watch the trilogy more than once and still crack up. 
It was frikkin’ epic.
Definitely a must watch!
“We had a sick night, bitches!” – Chow
Verdict : 9/10
(Yes, I liked it that much)

Ashley Mah

2 comments on “Movie Review : The Hangover Part 3

  1. HenRy LeE
    June 18, 2013

    wahhh i think u're the first person i know who like this movie…


  2. Ashley Mah
    June 18, 2013

    Haha it was so much fun!!!


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