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by Ashley M

Worrying quakes in New Zealand

As of now, people in New Zealand are constantly checking the GeoNet website to check about earthquakes happening and the news for updates.

Seddon has been hit by earthquakes, severe ones since last Friday and this has been expected to go on and all. It affects Wellington as well, where I am right now, but not as bad, I suppose. The worst one since Friday was at 6.9 magnitude, and I was right outside my house, walking home from a rehearsal, when the ground started shaking, including the street lamps. Windows in buildings in town were smashed and some parts of the ground have cracked, supermarkets were messed up from the quake yesterday too.
Okay, so it was very scary at first, the really bad one on Friday morning. Then, I sorta got used to it then got scared again. Never experienced an earthquake before, till now. People react differently to it. Some have the don’t-care attitude, some who are flipping out and some who are sensible enough to share information and start preparing for an emergency. Seriously, those people making fun of the earthquakes and tremors…. -_-
Anyway, a bad one is expected within these 7 days. Which is also the time of my music school orchestra’s many many rehearsals at the Wellington Opera House, at the Wellington Central Business District. The CBD was closed today, while checks were being performed to see if things are okay since the quake on Sunday. Doug wanted pizza and we couldn’t even order it online cos the store was closed. LOL boy has bad timing.
Uni was closed today for checks and etc. People here are so efficient when doing their job… not like back home *cough*lazy workers *cough*
Things I’ve learnt were to drop, cover and hold during an earthquake. Hiding under something sturdy that wont flatten me like a pancake is a given, and also holding on to something strong. Eg. under the bed or table. So yeah, praying for NZ and Seddon right now that the quakes may stop soon… or don’t get too severe. 
On another note, the orchestra’s got rehearsals at the Opera House till 10.30pm everyday, including the performance days till Saturday, and then Sunday’s show of Verdi’s Il Corsaro opera. I hope everything goes well and there’s no crazy quake or emergency during our rehearsal or performances. Sigh. Not looking forward but I can only hope for the best because we all have been preparing ourselves like crazy for the past week for this performance. Also wondering if we will have alot of audience… It will be a great show, I hope!
Video of a sneak peek here….. Something we performed at our last performance at the Wellington Town Hall. If you can spot me, you get a prize.
Link : 🙂
Going back to the topic, (serious mode on again)
stay safe people!
Here’s the link to the GeoNet website to check where the quakes are happening and the latest ones.
News :
Pictures credit to sources from Facebook.

Ps. Sorry for the longest hiatus ever. Will be updating more soon.
Ashley Mah

3 comments on “Worrying quakes in New Zealand

  1. HenRy LeE
    July 22, 2013

    take care weih!


  2. Ashley Mah
    July 23, 2013

    Thanks Henry! A bit freaky, but yeah, will do. 🙂


  3. yeeing ng
    July 28, 2013

    Take care babe! ❤


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