So Space

by Ashley M

Is it Spring yet?

I should be happy that it is slowly warming up here in Wellington. 
Before, I would always check the weather temperature on my trusty iPhone (which is getting a bit wonky now) and it would show the temp below 10 degrees Celsius. Now, it’s getting to 13, 14, sometimes 15 degrees Celsius.

Time to bring on the skirts and shorts!

 I’ve never experienced winter before this.
This year in Wellington marked so many firsts for me. The winter season was one of them. Concerned Dad always texting me to remind me to keep my feet warm when it’s cold. Lemme tell you, how Malaysians keep complaining about the scorching heat in KL is how Wellingtonians are always going “BRR, its so bloody cold!” here. Lol. Tahan-ing the cold is horrible.
Firstly, for all of you who wonder if I’m happily playing with snow here, the part of Wellington where I am at does not snow. So yeah, I’m not making snow angels with the “Time of My Life” song in the background. I haven’t experienced snow before still, except that time in Genting Highlands when I was a tiny little thing, but it was disappointing, as far I could remember. 
Back to the question, it doesn’t snow here but it rains.. a lot. Imagine cold wind and rain. That’s Wellington for ya. I still wonder how I can survive without a waterproof hoodie for most of my rainy days.
Another question I get is about days of which people call perfect sleeping days, or stay-in days, watching movies and huddled up in your blanket on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. That one’s a given especially in the winter. Just like in the movies where you picture a quiet apartment with dim yellow lights and a girl in her fluffy robe curled on the couch with her laptop and watching the rain form outside the window – yeah, that’s me, except that I’d be playing Left 4 Dead or The Sims Island Paradise or looking up classical music.
The top 5 things I (heavily) depend on in cold weather :

1) My fluffy fleece robe 
The way I dress at home requires this robe most of the time! Sometimes you can get away with a tank top and a pair of shorts… but sometimes, you can’t. That’s when I wear my robe over my clothes. Warms me up instantly! Did you know you could wear your robe to sleep?
2) Some more fluff….
Otherwise known as Bedroom Slippers. Know those that hotels provide you with and you secretly stash them in your bag and bring them home with you? Yeah. Never knew I’d NEEEEEED these slippers so badly until one day I decided to walk barefoot to my kitchen and started hopping back onto the carpet floor to retrieve my slippers. They are super important! 
3) Hairdryer
My best friend before I get into my bed at night. Lol. Seems really funny and silly but I actually blow hot air into the duvets before I put my feet in!
 Effective? Hell yeah. 
Who wants to go to bed freezing at night?
4) Coffee, Tea or Me?
Totally kidding about the latter. 
But hot drinks keep me warm… and full! With that I need not hibernate and gorge on food like a hamster in cold weather. Some people tend to gain weight during the winter and that will NOT be me.
 Lots and lots of hot fluids keep me warm constantly. They are also 60% of my meals most of the time. Soups, attempted Tong Sui’s, Hot chocolates, Coffees, Teas and hot water are gonna help, if you wanna stay warm. Well, for me at least.
5) That sexy trench coat…

One of the myths that I’ve busted is that you don’t have to look like a ball of clothing in the winter, after seeing pics of tourists in huge thick jackets… I wondered if I could get around keeping warm and at the same time, not making myself look fat. All I really need is my long winter coat that my good friend/photographer Brendan gifted me before I left Malaysia. Never really worn those trenchcoat-style coats before, except this one. I love how it looks smart, classy and keeps me warm at the same time! This be the queen of all coats and jackets in my wardrobe.
We’re going out tonight! *excited*
Anyway, here’s a tiny update of my weekend last week.
 Who had a good weekend? I’ve been seeing Instagram pix of my peeps going to Good Vibes last week, I assume ya’ll had a blast? 🙂 I can’t wait to get back and jump on the events bandwagon again.
Last Sunday when I was super hyped up for this part time job interview. I’ve encountered the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL & MOST UNORGANIZED interview ever at a retail shop at Manners St. 
Firstly, the employer was 30 minutes late… then when he had finally arrived, there was another interviewee waiting to be interviewed as well. He actually asked me to “come back another time today”. Doug and I were speechless. I got there 10 minutes early to show some professionalism, but omg. This infuriated me so badly and the other interviewee was actually later than me. I said no, of course then he conducted the interview in the style that I would never have imagined. Over the counter, in front of the other interviewee, and not even 5 minutes of solid attention! Asked me what I’m currently studying and past experiences and my details in front of the other interviewee. This was super unprofessional I tell you, since when were interviews like that and my details were not kept confidential? To make matters even worse, he made me send in my CV again to his email address. When I got home, I immediately launched an angry feedback to SJS telling them about this annoying incident. Seriously, I don’t even want to work for such an unprofessional dont-give-a-crap employer! Some people, seriously. What the hell.

Ranting over. I’ve had a fairly good week this week, despite tests and exams. 
Time for the 2 week break and the coming of spring! 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone!

Ps. Some photos are reposts from weheartit and some belong to me, courtesy of

Ashley Mah

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