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by Ashley M

Fidel’s Cafe @ Cuba St, Wellington

I knooooooooooow, it is time for an update, but since the second half of Uni Trimester, I’ve been busy as ever! Work, practice and uni has been taking up 90% of my time. Even on weekends! I hardly have time to even sit down to play L4D or the Sims or update my poor blog.
Anyway, here’s the long awaited update. Still alive.
A few Sundays ago, Doug took me to this cafe for brunch located almost at the end of Cuba St. I’ve heard good things about this cafe before… and this wasn’t my first time. 
My first time wasn’t so great actually. I had something off the counter, I think it was a Ham Sandwich, and I personally thought it was just OK. Doug had some breakfast set dish – to our disappointment, they screwed up the poached eggs. The yolks were fully cooked and hard. How can you screw up poached eggs?
Moving on.. We decided to give this place another try. The thing that I’ve heard about this place was that they had one of the best milkshakes here. Gotta try.

This cafe has a rugged and rustic design. And as you can see,  there’s indoor dining or you can choose to dine Al Fresco.

Look at all these happy people enjoying the sun. It was one of those really warm days at the start of Spring. Say… 15 degrees?

Counter cafe food. This lady looks excited!
Maybe she had a good Saturday night. Hehe

Ready to go!

Here’s the drinks menu. I love coffees at cafes like these. 
Starbucks? MEH.

More decor.

The entrance of the cafe. You surely wouldn’t miss it as you can see, the logo is tiled to the floor at the front door. 🙂

Who that? 

Hurhur. Purposely sat there so Doug could take this window shot… albeit the reflections on the glass. :3

The side of the cafe – the Al Fresco area. 

Time for noms!

Screw dieting/calorie count at the moment.
 I’m here for this bad boy – The Snickers Milkshake.

Served chilled in this tall metal cup. Feels so retro! Definitely something you won’t get in Malaysia. 
I fell in love with it after the first sip! It was so yummy! Not overly dense/thick, creamy, and not too sweet. Just to my liking. I love the nutty flavor as well.
Many people told me about the Oreo milkshake here being the best… but I thought I’d go for something different. I haven’t really eaten a Snickers Bar in my life, so I thought, ‘Here goes’. I love it! All that sinfulness just sliding down my throat on a warm day… Mmm….

It takes two to finish one milkshake. Heheh. Unless you’re a huge eater like Doug, who eventually ordered the Oreo milkshake. We still think the Snickers one is the best.
After awhile, our food arrived. Unfortunately, I was a little bit full from the milkshake already. They could serve a little faster here though.

Bite shots. Want some?
Doug’ massive Beef Burger. My dad would’ve loved the amount of meat in it.

On a side note, it was my daddy’s birthday on the 26th of Aug. Happy Birthday, Daddy! Was a bit sad that I couldn’t celebrate his birthday with him and my family but I’ll have a round of that when I’m back home with the family on Xmas! Love you dad, if you’re reading this. BE JEALOUS OF US HAVING THE BURGURRRR.
It is such a man’s meal. The amount of fries was crazy! I had a small bite of the burger and was quite impressed by how thick the patty was, and also the piece of bacon in it. Yum.
I had something daintier – the Grilled Fish Taco. Not as dainty as I though after I’ve sunken my teeth into it  Sauce getting everywhere and the stuff is falling all over my plate. Maybe I’m just hopeless at eating stuff like this… and people wonder why I eat pizza with a fork and knife. Things happen!!
The Grilled Fish Taco was something I’ve never had before. It was tangy, which went really well with the marinated grilled fish inside the taco wrap. They were also generous with the fish and the portion was huge for me, so I only had one taco and took away the other. 5 stars from me!
Our takeaway.
How cute is that box!! It’s like those Asian food takeaway boxes you see in movies. With a little handle too! Getting too excited over a box. Can you imagine eating your Wa Tan Hor in this box? Lol I can’t.

Two more months before I come back home and have all the mamak, Nasi Lemak and food I want! Just kidding – I’ll take forever to finish checking my list because I only have a huge meal per day.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Also, a mini shoutout to those of you in Lower Hutt this Saturday!
There’ll be a fashion show which I will be posting about in a little bit!

Thanks bibs, I had a great time. ❤
Pictures taken by his iPod.

Ashley Mah

One comment on “Fidel’s Cafe @ Cuba St, Wellington

  1. HenRy LeE
    September 19, 2013

    We need this cafe in malaysia! 😀


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