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by Ashley M

NZ ECO Fashion Exposed – Fashion Show

Not only for myself, but many NZ designers who are gonna make their debut on the runway, the event organizers, the other models, and especially the person who started this huge event , Denise Anglesey.
Free this evening?
Then come on over to Sacred Heart College at Lower Hutt, to be a part of this exciting fashion show!
I’m so excited to be modelling and also doing what I love to do best – playing the violin on the runway for this show! Like the Stichbury Fashion Show, there’s a violin interlude in the middle of the show and I will be playing! *wink*
Deisgners who will be a part of this show are
Heke Design,
 Dane Dagger, 
Senorita AweSUMO, 
 Ron Tekawa,
 Designs on You,
 Zorro Potion, 
Denise H Eco Design,
 Dear Prudence, 
Woman of Joppa. 
International Guest Designer, Karishma Design.
There are designers flying in from different parts of NZ to showcase their designs tonight.
One of these designers that I know, and will be modelling for tonight is Nora Swann, who specializes in casual designs made from upcycled fabric. I am also proud to be walking for Denise Anglesey, who has an eye for denim, and Zaria Potion, whose designs are just mind blowing!
You’d be surprised with what you can do with upcycled clothes.
I know I was!
What are upcycled clothes?
Upcycling is the process of converting useless/unwanted clothes to new clothes. 
The Aim of the New Zealand Eco Fashion Exposed is a pulling together of like-minded fashion designers in New Zealand who design and manufacture ecologically, environmentally and ethically sustainable fashion. (from the website :
What started out as just a “small show” grew to be a huge fashion show showcasing more than a handful of designers instead of one, with publicity and press from all over the world! It goes without saying that Ms Denise had outdone herself, bringing everyone together and putting the pieces of the puzzle together with the help of David Duffy.
 He’s not only an organizer for the event but he’s also my manager. 🙂
This man spent plenty of time making us models almost perfect for the show – from the first modelling audition for this show, to workshops to perfect out catwalk and to designer fittings! He’s also in charge of the photos.
Vinnie Anglesey will be helping out with the music and my main person who’s gonna manage my violin interlude performance tonight! And also Nora Swann for styling and PR for this show.
Show some love and get your tickets from
NZ ECO Fashion Exposed FB Page :
See you tonight!
Ashley Mah

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