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by Ashley M

Shark Week Ranting

At this point in time, I don’t give a crap about being TMI, cos most ladies would agree with me that Shark Week, otherwise known as the visit of Aunt Flo or ‘that time of the month’, is the suckiest time.
You feel like you’ve been continuously kicked in the guts – which is how cramps feel to me. The lower back hurts so bad you can’t even sit right or lie down without feeling the pain. The pelvis feels like its gonna break off from your spine. Emotions are all over the place. All. over. the. effing. place. That sometimes, I find it soooo hard to be rational about things. Oh yeah, and you see some sort of bloody massacre every time you remove your pants or go to the loo. 
Every month.
I’ve never sighed so much and be on the verge of throwing so much tantrums before. Doug had to put up with all of it. Lol. This month has been the worse one yet. I’ve been in so much pain that I puked water, blacked out and had to be carried around. Although I know some people have it so bad they go to the hospital. It is just horrible. Especially when people try to annoy during that time… they’ve asked for some good lashing.
Usually, I get insanely strong cravings the week before – I ate 3 large boxes of sushi with no regrets last Monday. I knew that shark week was near. At the moment, I’m in my robe at home, typing this while I’m suffering from on and off cramps that make me keel over and waiting for my rice cooker to be done cooking some chicken porridge.
People have told me about putting warm things on my tummy, like warm cloths and bottles to rid of the pain. Also to have some warm drinks. People who know me best know I drink scalding hot drinks daily, so they told me to rest instead. My girlfriend told me to watch some boy-bashing romcoms and have a large tub of ice cream but I didn’t wanna eff up my diet that much. Lol. Nothing seems to work for me, the pain keeps coming back. Panadol NEVER helped me too. Ever.
What do you do to feel better during shark week?
Ps. Apparently there are posters of my friend Andrew and myself in front of Professor School Uniform shops and around Sunway Pyramid. That was our first professional gig starting off as models. Haha
Rant over. 
I just want this week to end.

Ashley Mah

2 comments on “Shark Week Ranting

  1. HenRy LeE
    October 1, 2013

    Thank goodness CY doesn't have cramps but the emotion thing does apply on her 😛


  2. Ashley Mah
    October 3, 2013

    LOL. It's good though. Cramps are so inconvenient!!


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