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by Ashley M

Here comes October!

Unlike October last year, you don’t see me dancing around in Bavarian Oktoberfest hats though I’m pretty sure Oktoberfest is a hot event here in Wellington, this weekend especially. 
This year’s October is a lot different for me!
Some pics of last year’s Oktoberfest celebration at One Utama with MHB. Was super sweaty by the end of the night!
Anyway, this month marks the last month of my first year of undergraduate degree studies for music! I can’t believe it myself. Time flies! So I’m anticipating a lot of final stuff this month. Final end year recital, final assignments, final theory fragments, and final tests. We just had our final orchestra performance for the year at Sacred Heart Cathedral, last Tuesday night.
This was a banner of our performance, featuring Elgar’s Cello Concerto. It was such a fun night!! I still remember the first time I performed with the NZSM orchestra. Was quite nerve wrecking. Also held at the same place – Sacred Heart Cathedral on Hill St. After a string of performances this year, I was super excited for this final one. I enjoyed performing Shostakovich’s Symphony 9 and thought the Elgar piece was beautiful. Thought it was quite a fun repertoire! The response from the audience was also pretty good.. just perfect to end the last performance.
Quite thankful that I’ve made such lovely friends this year. ❤ My two favourite girlies!
Crappy angle of myself but meh. My face looks like a pancake but difficult to squeeze three people into a selfie.
So we were just burning time before our performance. 
 One of the beautiful old-school churches I’ve visited here. The acoustics are pretty good too.
The Second Violins club! 🙂 Through thick and thin for concerts this year!
This has gotta be like our signature pose or something… Above was us in April, our first performance as first years in the orchestra!
So gonna miss them when I go back to KL for the summer! Oh yeah… the last time I performed at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Doug and I were still just friends.
 And here we are at the final performance of the year together. So much has changed. 🙂 Oh yeah, and he never missed any of my concerts. He’s such a good friend. 
Decided to grow out my bangs because they were so annoying in the windy weather, but Doug sure looks the same! Men. Lol..
Us at the second orchestra concert ; Wagner & Verdi.
One more piece of exciting news was that I was in Wainuiomata News on 25th of September, right after the fashion show!! SO THRILLED TO BE IN AN NZ LOCAL NEWSPAPER HOMAIGOTT. 
On the right : That’s me leading the girls for designer Zorro Potion’s Ghost Train collection for the show. I’m like the shortest and smallest model there, but nvm. #strutlikeyouknowhatyouredoing
It’s been still hectic after the NZ ECO FASHION EXPOSED show for me, October is going to be full-on practices, rehearsals and wrapping up of everything we’ve studied/done this year. Still can’t believe that first year of uni is almost over! 
If there’s one thing Doug loves to have at Tulsi Restaurant (despite having a stomachache afterwards), it’s this dish called Butter Chicken. Sure doesn’t look like the butter chicken I’ve been having in Subang ; creamy and has some small chili’s inside. Apparently, different Indian shops have different renditions of “Butter Chicken”.
 I’ve decided to cook Patak’s packet-ed one to have for dinner last night. It’s just not the real BUTTER CHICKEN! It’s not even buttery. It was sour and tomato-ish. Decided to call it the Indian Tomato Curry dish instead. Doug still ate everything. Lol.
In time, we will be having the real ones back in SS15 or Sunway area. Can’t wait to see my family and mates again.
On another note,  I’m doing a little favour for a friend and promoting this #fit2drive Campaign. 
Basically, it is to raise awareness towards car inspection.. The objective of this campaign is to reduce road accidents caused by mechanical failure and increase general road safety by ensuring all cars on the road are road-worthy.
Since road accidents occur almost daily, why not inspect your car before driving it? I know I would!
If you’re sharing the same thought, click on the Car#fit2drive Facebook Page and Like it! 🙂
More updates and post on the NZ Eco Fashion Exposed show coming up soon. 
Just taking quite some time to get post-worthy pictures. 🙂 
Ashley Mah

One comment on “Here comes October!

  1. choulyin.tan
    October 14, 2013

    waaaa can't wait to have you back babe! I think H-Artistry will be around the time of your return :p


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