So Space

by Ashley M

3 More Days to Home.

Not only have I been on a gaming/video watching spree for about 20 days after my final recital, I’ve been packing my arse off for the past week just because I’m coming home to Malaysia for the summer and I just have too many things!
 I’ve been back in the dance scene lately too, it’s been good to be dancing. I’ve also successfully lost about 2 plus kgs for the past 3 months! Also learnt that my body rejected the Keto diet, and sorta backfired on me for 2 weeks. Instead, I’m just eating food low in calories like clear Chinese soup and limit myself to 6 spoons of rice, when I do have rice. 
Here’s a couple of pictures from my recital. I’m wearing this beautiful designer dress by Zorro Potion from her Ghost Train collection. Feeling so blessed to be wearing a designer dress for a music exam. 🙂

Not perfect, but I also took the time to do my hair up, which is rare for me, since my hair is usually low maintenance on normal days. I also got this beautiful hair chain from an online shop, which complements the dress. Yay! My final recital was nerve wrecking. I may have performed for many events, weddings and fashion shows, but I still get the nerves when I entered the hall. This is not just an ABRSM/Trinity Guildhall exam (bad enough)… this is music UNI. Which makes it all the scarier. I seriously apologize to my neighbours for having to listen to me playing the same (crappy) thing over and over for hours, daily.
Well, it is all finally over. Last exam of my first year of uni – done. I’ve officially done my first year of degree studies in New Zealand. Hard to believe but it has sunken into my system, especially when I’ve realized how much I’ve to buck up to keep up with the standard of music here. So happy to have a once in a lifetime experience in this country. Thanks to my family and people who have supported me. 
The next thing to look forward to was all the days I could use for sleeping, resting and being a couch potato. Then of course, it started getting sunnier and warmer… and the right thing to do was to go to the beach!
Visited Oriental Bay in my summer attire on Friday with Doug, Shu Run and her cousins. 

My first beach experience in NZ. Gotta say, it definitely is not as warm as it looks. Nonetheless, scenic and beautiful as ever.
A very windy paradise.

NZ couldn’t have been more fun without her! We’ve been friends since high school and miraculously met at uni here in Wellington. It is fate for us to have reunited, woman! 😀

It was one of those nice days.
Although, we hardly touched the water because it was too cold!We tried to follow the angmohs and pretended to tan ourselves. Lol. Us and the group just ended up talking and laughing on the sand.
Couch days and lazy days are almost over.
It’s almost time to go home and the hectic packing finally ended this afternoon, well, sort of. 
Three. More. Days.
I can’t wait to go out for makan at any time of the day with my family, events for the MHB girls & Tim, perform for more weddings and events, do some photoshoots probably, mamaking with friends and dancing! Since airport day on February 26th, the day to return has finally come. It’s so close that I can taste it! 
Officially having Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice cravings now… and Ais Kacang.

See you soon, Kay Elle!

Ashley Mah

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