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by Ashley M

Hair Makeover by Shawn Cutler @ Bukit Damansara

[Sponsored Review]
Living in the windy capital in New Zealand for 9 months certainly did take a toll on my hair. The wind never fails to blow and toss my hair around wildly, resulting in a tangly mess. To the point that tears well up in my eyes trying to undo the painful mess. Not only that but the chilly wind also dried out my hair. 
It is also my fault that I refuse to go to a hairdresser for the whole time I was in Wellington just because I’m super picky with the person who cuts my hair. My hair grew so long till it reached my butt! (Mom was not impressed)
By the time I got off the plane, I started to regret my (overly) long hair just because it was burning hot. 
Also, my mom was pestering me to get it CUT. Okay, okay. 
Thanks to Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers, I got a sponsored makeover by Shawn Cutler at Bukit Damansara, just a week after I’ve arrived back in Kuala Lumpur.

Not the best of pictures (I wonder why -_-), but this was pretty much how it looks before the makeover. Long, frizzy, expired/faded red dip dye (so 2012, btw), and so much split ends. Hate my hair.

The face says it all.

I liked how stylish and modern it looks. The soft lights and decor gives off a relaxing vibe – definitely how you would want to feel if you came here to get your hair pampered!
I was told that this branch mainly acts as a residential salon, as there’s residential areas surrounding Plaza Damansara, which is where the salon is located.

Only Kerastase Paris Professional Hair Care and Hair Styling Products are used at the Bukit Damansara branch of Shawn Cutler. 
I got a cut, dye and treatment that day.
The hairstylist who did my hair was Raymond Chew. He’s a genius! 
The first thing he asked me was how short I wanted my hair to be cut. I thought it was rather considerate of him to ask, as I hardly get asked this by hairdressers. Raymond made sure I was comfortable with the length of hair that he was gonna cut. *thumbs up*
He proceeded to chop off my ugly ends and what was left of the faded red hue in my hair. Lotsa hair on the floor… I’ve faith!

Got a bit excited in my seat when I was handed this book. Time for a change! 
I left it to the professional, as I was quite indecisive about the colour I wanted. He narrowed my options down to 2 colours, which looked similar but there’s a difference between them ; a greenish or ash undertone. 
I picked the green one. Thought it sounded cool.

Dye time. 
My favourite part! Some hair treatment to round off the makeover. 
I was given a Macadamia Nut Treatment and the smell was divine. Sure does eliminate the smell of ammonia from the hair dye. Got a little bit hungry at one point too. Yumm.

I was quite amused by this device. Felt a bit “ulu” as I haven’t stepped into a hair salon since February. 😛 So much for being a city chick.
After a good blow dry and some more trimming, I went from this 
to THIS. 😀
 I’ve to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the change! I’ve not had a nice subtle colour like this and never thought I’d look good with shorter hair! Didn’t I say the guy was a genius? Haha

The back view of my hair. Some shine restored to my mane. Thank God.

Hairstylist Raymond & myself. So happy to have him do my hair that day! Still am impressed with it! 
I’ve received many nice compliments cause of it and my head doesn’t feel so heavy anymore. Haha
I totally recommend coming here for a cut and colour. 
For once, I feel comfortable walking out of the hair salon right after a cut, and not having to let it settle for awhile or me getting used to the new do.

I’m really loving this fresh new look!
No more dip dyes, thank goodness, and also, my undercut grew out nicely to blend with the layers that Raymond gave me. 🙂
If you wanna get your hair done, the number to call is 03-20111729 to make an appointment or if you have any inquiries!
Shawn Cutler, 
39 G, Medan Setia 1, 
Plaza Damansara,
Bukit Damansara, 
50490, KL

For more information, head on over to their Facebook page too!!
Ps. It’s good to be back!
Ashley Mah

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