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by Ashley M

Carlsberg’s 2013 Christmas Party and Media Appreciation Dinner

Argh! It’s been 2 weeks. Time flies!
I’ve had a busy 2 weeks. There was always something on everyday in my calendar. It also just came to my realization that Xmas is in another 2 weeks time. o_O Time to get shopping.
The other day I’ve attended the Carlsberg Xmas Party that took place at the brewery in Shah Alam. It was a rainy day and the traffic jam was unimaginable. Well, that’s how it is here in KL whereas everyone just walks in Welly. Just really thankful that I didn’t have to walk in the rain here.
The party kicked off to an interesting start by dance performance to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”, bringing in the Xmas spirit. All eyes were on them. Bet Tim was very happy. Heh Heh.
Guests were served with a lot of good food too. I was pleasantly surprised to see pasta, roasted turkey, lamb, grilled fish and a lot of other goodies on the buffet station to go with a glass of Carlsberg. Totally makes up for the long jam and gloomy weather! 
Met Estelle that day and naturally, we got caught camwhoring. Lol
This was the picture taken in my phone.
And then with Andy Kho in between. 🙂
Estelle, Tim and I.
What’s your poison?
I’m a Somersby kinda girl. The beauty of being in the brewery was that we got to choose from so many varieties of beer under Carlsberg, like Asahi, Kronenbourg, Somersby, Connor’s, Little Creatures, and even Jagermeister (although that’s not beer)!
Totally PARTAY!! 
I heard if you took more than 5 of these and you’ll be teleported home..cos who needs machines for that, right? 😛
Also, did you know that drinking beer from a straw gets you drunk faster? Speed kills. 
DJ Calvin Khoo did a fine job creating the party atmosphere that night. I enjoyed most of his tracks and I could tell that a dude enjoyed it so much he was dancing the entire night. Haha! I miss listening to a good mix of dance tracks, which is quite rare in the clubs in Wellington.
The Kronenbourg Eiffel Tower just outside the brewery. Too bad it was raining or else I’d go and get a better shot of it. 
Wet Grass + Mud + Heels is definitely not ideal.
Bumped into Anna! My Kill Bang Marry babe. 🙂
As it was one of my first events since my return, I was so happy to be reunited with Tim, Andy and the other bloggers again!
Messing around with the foam snowman with Estelle. 
Carlsberg gave us this generous basket of beer to take home as we left the party. 😀 I’ll have a very merry Christmas, thank you Carlsberg! Heh. I see Somersby, Kronenbourg and Asahi. *pumps fist in air*
The next morning, I’ve made my first visit to Muar to see Mr.Lee.
It’s definitely an adventure if you’re stuck at a bus stop waiting for a bus that comes 5 hours late! Haha

Stick around for the next post!

Ashley Mah.

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