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by Ashley M

Happy Birthday Baby Josh!

It is finally 2014. A little slow on the update because I’ve had a rather busy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s, and fallen sick during my Penang trip after Christmas. Being busy and sick is definitely not an ideal combination, but the show had to carry on, no? πŸ™‚

We had early start on New Year’s Day to help out for little Josh’s race car-themed birthday party. He’s turning 1 this year!

Usually, babies would say words like “mommy” or “daddy” first. I know mine was “dada”. However, Josh’s first word was “CAR”. He also coincidentally shares the same birthday as Michael Schumacher ; 3rd of Jan. Hence the race car theme! Quite impressed with my cousins for coming up with this creative idea.

Josh’s birthday party was held at the Royal Selangor Golf Club.. no thanks to the stupid GPS that took us the wrong way. However we still managed to arrive early to lend a hand to set up the place.Β 

To start off, I was given this cool “crew pass” so that we can go in and out of the banquet hall while setting up. Was quite excited to see my name on it! Personalized pass! Gonna keep this. πŸ™‚
The colour theme was red, blue and white. So Kim being the proud godma of Josh, came as a cheerleader. Hahahaha! Also, check out the little race track carpet we had to welcome guests and especially our VVIP for the day, Baby Josh.
Looking handsome in his Ferrari top. #cutenessoverload
There was a mini technical fiasco that happened, which Doug and I attended to immediately. We (mostly him), saved the day and managed to get some Classic Disney songs playing. Man, did that bring back so much childhood memories… The one particular song that stuck to us was the Gaston song by Beauty and the Beast. We both had a good laugh.
Which came to mind that cartoons nowadays are getting dumber and not as nice or intellectual as they used to be back then.Β 

How cute is this! A Pit Stop sign at the buffet station.Β 
Time to make a stop to stuff my face.

There were definitely more food than that, but I was still a bit occupied with Josh and the sound system volume, which was pretty inconsistent.
Before I knew it, it was already time to cut the cake! πŸ™‚

A big #1 cake!

My most favourite picture of the day. πŸ™‚Β 
In one more year, he’s gonna want to cut his own cake and blow his own candles. Lol
Marie Jiejie & Baby Josh.
Doug & I proudly wearing our crew tags. Hehe

Candid picture of Mom playing with Josh.

Cutting the cake for guests with Doug and Kim.
Our tired faces from having only a few hours of sleep since my NYE performance. Of all times for me to get a red and irritated eye, it had to be today. So… bespectacled Ashley for New Year’s.Β 
Funny how Doug and Mum were looking at this camera while Kim and I were not…. Hmm.
It was a nice party. Family and friends attended the party and dressed according to the colour theme. I was happy to be there to celebrate Josh’s 1st, before I go back to New Zealand again. He was pretty well behaved that day, and was quite cheerful until it was his naptime and the poor thing got tired.
Kim was on his back and call. No surprise there, when you have an overly attached godmother like her. πŸ˜› Just kidding. She just really loves kids.. and food.
Unlike her, I could never get a decent photo with my nephew. He kept wriggling out of my arms until the moment he saw Doug… and he smiled almost immediately. Without any cooing or high pitch voice talking… or taking time to get used to a new face. He grabbed Doug’s finger and laughed. Grr. So unfair.
Happy belated birthday Joshjosh!Β 
Ee Ee Ashley loves you always! ❀
Ashley Mah.

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