So Space

by Ashley M

Twenty One

It’s been a week since I’ve turned legal and I’ve to say, it has been quite a week for me. It all started with a Muar trip with my family. It was so nice to go on a family trip again. Albeit short, we all had a good time. No stress, no yelling, just some good old fashion family time. With Doug’s family too.

That’s that. 🙂  Came back home the day before my birthday to go out for a family dinner to also celebrate my parents’ 22nd anniversary ; my birthday fell on the same day as their anniversary.
After dinner, we came home and as usual I followed my mom to run errands just to come home to one of the largest surprises ever. Came home to the house fully dark…. I thought that Kim would be coming out of the kitchen with a cake and candles and stuff.
I was wrong.
Saw this laid out on the table. Then the next thing I saw was glow in the dark stickers that led upstairs, I was told to follow the stickers.. which led to my room. OK. Room was lighted up, card sitting on my dresser. 
Opened the card, recognized the handwriting and read the contents. It was from Doug. He’s not around on the real day of my birthday but it was cool cos we had an upcoming Singapore trip in 2 more days. So, I suppose he snuck the card to Kim. The card told me to get something from Tito’s collar. At this point, I was like, “What…is going on?” And Kim was happily pushing me around in the dark to go with it. 
Tito had a key around his neck. Puzzled me even more. Kim shoved me into the music room. More glow in the dark stickers on the table this time, surrounding a small wooden chest with a lock on it. I turned on the lights and opened it. I was breathless to see a necklace in it. It was gold, and had a dolphin and anchor charm. I was almost in tears, wondering how Doug managed all this to make up for not being around on the real day. There was a note in the chest asking me to show this necklace off to my mom in the living room. 
I went to the living room. Cake on table with candles. Doug suddenly hugged me from behind (WTF he magically spawned from the darkness) and they all started singing Happy Birthday. I was speechless. This had to be the surprise of the year.
Mom & Kim were in on this surprise do. So were Doug’s family and my dad. LOL for the first time I was oblivious to everything. Good job, guys!
One more surprise from my mom & dad. This one’s a tradition but was unexpected. So, so touched. I feel so lucky to even have one of these. Thanks mom & dad. I love you guys.
 So touched by everything. ❤
Mr Lee ; the cherry on top.
I was so overwhelmed by the effort, the thoughtfulness and surprises tonight. I did not expect it in any way, and I am more than grateful to have such a lovely family and boyfriend. Went to bed with a huge smile on my face.
I could not have asked for a better way to start my birthday.
Stay tuned. 
Ashley Mah

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