So Space

by Ashley M

Twenty One continued.

While people go to clubs to get pissed drunk celebrating their 21st, I went to Sid’s Pub to get wasteeedddd. Just kidding. What’s a birthday when you wake up the next morning not remembering anything anyway?
What I wore tonight.
I had the loveliest dinner at Dining In The Dark with my dance partner earlier in the evening. It was not only a good catch up session, it was also the perfect time to get my hands dirty while having fine dining. Awesome, yes?  The name of the restaurant says it all – and yes, it was total darkness inside. 
Like this.
This was my 2nd time there apart from last year’s post Valentine’s day. However, the experience never fails to put a grin on my face that no one can see except the people watching the security camera. Heh.
Why I mentioned hands getting dirty was because I ended up using my fingers to feel my food rather than tinkering around with the utensils. Pfft – who needs forks at a place like this. The feeling was awesome. Yep, I’m gross that way. 
The experience was one of a kind. We were entertained by soft piano playing, live by the way, and our servers were very friendly and helpful to us. 15 minutes through my dinner, I was closing my eyes while eating. It was one of the calmest dining experiences I’ve had, although some people might feel flustered as it was just total darkness. In the dark, I feel an increase of sensitivity in my taste buds and it was as if there was a burst of flavour every time I put food into my mouth. One more thing I liked about this place – we weren’t allowed to bring phones with us ; they were locked up in a locker at the bar area before proceeding into our dining area. Peace, at last.
The bar.
I was slightly surprised and amused when the piano started playing “Happy Birthday” and the servers sung to me. Nothing like having your birthday in the dark, aye? Someone hollered at me asking how old am I. “Legal,” I hollered back. Haha
After being totally stuffed from dinner, we adjourned to Sid’s Pub as Frank was kind enough to invite me for a birthday drink or two.
To my surprise.. almost everyone was there. I was definitely expecting Kim, Doug, Kelly & Frank. But not everyone else who popped out of nowhere and screamed “Surprise!” with a cake, and balloons and everything. I first saw Kelly, Frank, Kim and Mr Lee.
Suddenly, there were Choulyin and Henry, Luke and Andrew jumping out of a booth, Hon Kitt and Nic Tan sitting and smiling at me, Don giving his trademark smirk and then Kim’s buddies Brandon and Ashley joining into the surprise. After that, David, Brenda and Charms arrived. My eyes did not know where to focus on at first. So this was what a surprise party felt like. Whoa you guys are awesome as!
I was so touched. Especially when I found out that my sister was the mastermind behind it all. Getting all my friends to ahem.. lie to me that they will be away on my birthday, and here they are. 🙂 It put the hugest smile on my face. I smiled till my cheeks hurt. Best feeling ever. 
The amazing chocolate mousse mint cake specially made by a good friend Elyza.
So many candles to be blown out before cutting the cake!
A group shot of the people who made my night so special. ❤ 
There he was, grinning away after meeting my friends. Some of them for the first time. 🙂 
Did the birthday deed with Kelly Siew, chugging an Irish Car Bomb.
I’ve never liked Guinness Stout, but this would be the first time I thought it tasted like milkshake and licked away my Guinness mustache after that. Haha! 
Many, many thanks to Kelly and Frank who had a hand in this do. Am very lucky to have cool friends like them. 🙂 
Nic made it after work! Touched, especially when he was “supposed to be in Melaka”. Tsk.
The night could not have been better with Don & Daniel. 
My babe Charms made it too! ❤ Wouldn't be a party without her.
The surprise expert. She really made my 21st so special I was lost for words. I can’t thank you enough Kim, despite our bickering at home and being away in NZ, you’ve made me the happiest I’ve been for months on my birthday. Especially after the few difficult and crappy weeks I’ve been having. When I asked how this happened, everyone pointed to Kim. It’s not how big the party was or how many people came, it was her thoughtfulness to do this for me that was so touching. 
You are a star. I’ll will never forget this. ❤ ILY ILY.

Among the toughest things to do was to dance after having a full glass of Guinness and other magical things in it. As a salsera, the traditional birthday dance was in order when my favorite song Spanish Fly (although bachata) started playing, in courtesy of Charms. Just thankful that it isn’t a salsa song. I’d spin continuously and never stop. Haha

Kim having heaps of fun.

I’ve had a wonderful night seeing everyone around the table mingling and having a good time. Part of having a good party is me not having to break the ice between the guests because mine did that all by themselves.

^check Frank out.

I’d totally remember this entire birthday do. So glad I’m celebrating my birthday back home with all the people I love. 🙂

It’s a dream to have a surprise thrown for you on your birthday without even expecting one, or asking for one. This goes to show how thoughtful my sister, boyfriend and friends actually are.

Photos mostly from Kelly Siew’s awesome camera.

Finally legal.
Ashley Mah.

Ps. Happy Birthday to my special person. Also a fellow Jan baby, now 22.  ❤ Love you babe.


2 comments on “Twenty One continued.

  1. Billy Toh
    February 6, 2014

    That's definitely an awesome way to celebrate birthday!! It's great to have great buddies that understand us enough. Nice outfit as well….May many more of such awesome celebrations to come!!


  2. Ashley Mah
    July 2, 2014

    Thanks Billy! 🙂


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