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by Ashley M

Surprise, Doug, it’s your Birthday!

January is a special month for Doug and I, as both our birthdays are in that month.
2 weeks after my birthday it is time for Mr Lee to turn a year older as well. Hehehe. I had made a trip to Muar to spend the weekend before his birthday for a pre-birthday do.
Kim suggested a surprise. After some hard pondering, going through some nonsensical surprises and laughed it off with the help of the surprise expert, we came up with this.
(Maybe about 100 balloons later..)
Liaised with his sister to get the balloons and she started on them. 
Heck, even I was surprised and an “oh my gosh” came from his dad. This was gonna be FUN.
After Doug came back from badminton and went into his room, (I was hiding in the bathroom), I heard him mumble something like “what the..” then I brought the birthday cake out. 
It was hard not letting the candles die and at the same time I wanted to scream “Surprise!!!” at the top of my lungs. Oh yeah.. and threading through all those balloons.

 Boy was he happy. 🙂 And very caught off guard. Hehe. Couldn’t have done it without the help of his sister and mine. Even the parents were in on it. Good job, team! *two thumbs up*
What a way to kick start the weekend. ^__^
We went out for supper after. Dang, if you were in Muar you must try this coffee shop called 888. It’s not helpful that I don’t know the exact location, but I had really good Mee Suah and sting ray. *licks lips*
The following day we had a little Melaka trip and I finally had the very famous Mille Crepe cake at Nadeje Cafe. Yum! Too bad I was too full to try the other flavours.
At night, we attended a barbecue & pool party at one of Doug’s friend’s house.
Yeah.. the boys put beer cans in the jacuzzi.
I am just totally in love with my new bikini I bought from Cotton On when I was in Singapore the previous weekend. The ruffles were just the right amount of “cute and girly” and doesn’t make me feel like a tart (ahem.. swimsuits with skirts). 
Plus it fits me perfectly. XS means XS. XS in New Zealand is like S-M Asian size. Grr. Ok less ranting, more pool party!

This was the most amazing fish I’ve ever had in my whole life.
Portugese style fish dish, I don’t even know how to specify what kind of dish it was, but the sambal was just insanely addictive. The sambal was prepared by one of the boys too. Amazing stuff! Mouthwatering.
 I wish I could have had more. </3

Had our very own DJ, to make sure that there was no silence. 😛
The host; who needs no introduction.

And another birthday surprise do!
Again, I brought out the cake. I’m like the cake girl this weekend. Lol. 
Threw in this birthday do for Doug and his bud Conan, both of them January babies. Yay..we age the soonest in the year! 😛

His actual birthday was just yesterday. Too bad I wasn’t there to celebrate, but the weekend and birthday card that I’ve forbade him to open until yesterday made up for my absence, I hope. 😀

This is what happens when you cram 11 boys in one selfie shot.
Level : PRO (aside from trying to dig each other’s eyes out & the fella who’s always blurred in the shot)
The rest of the trip was a family dinner with Doug’s extended family and trying out some other cafes in Muar.

Bird’s Nest, RM9.90 @ Gene Cafe
I had a rather nice weekend with Doug, his family and his friends. I was very well fed too – with delicious food you can’t get in KL for the same price. The first thought that comes to my mind when I saw food was “GET INTO MY BELLEH.” Hehe. My tummy is happy.
Happy Birthday to my best friend and the person I annoy when I’ve nothing better to do.
 Everytime we go grocery shopping is like some kind of crazy adventure, laughing about nonsensical things, killing zombies on Friday nights and watching dramas together (one episode without him and he’ll make me feel like I’ve cheated on him). 
From being my Wellingtonian guide, to my buddy and then my boyfriend. ❤
Ashley Mah


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