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by Ashley M

Is Strong the new Skinny?

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!
It is Chor Sam (third day) of Chinese New Year, and I feel like I’m on a cheat day spree. Even myself, though usually too full to eat any rice but just the dishes on their own. Avoiding them cookies cos I don’t see any that I have at home. *phew* Despite that, I still feel like I’m stuffing my face… because I can?
It was till yesterday (Chor Yi), when I’ve decided to get up on my ass and start working out. I’ve begun circuit training much recently, after reading articles from sites like Nerd Fitness, and watching several YouTube videos. After learning more about how the training works and how cardio exercises doesn’t help lose weight that efficiently, my eyes were opened.
I’ve decided to change the way I exercise… since I’ve not stepped into the gym even once since New Zealand.
Yes, shame on me. Being in a cold country makes it really tough to get up and workout. I did make an effort, perhaps once or twice. It’s especially hard for me as my usual workout involved machines. (Ps. also read and watched a vlog on how machines are not suited for everyone) I used to do a shitload of cardio and abs thinking it was a fantastic idea of losing weight. 

Recently people have been posting stuff about the 30 Day Challenge of Squats/Abs/etc. I’ve a gym friends who are crazy about squats, myself skeptical. Not anymore though. I used to have a knee problem called the Patella Tracking Disorder. After a bad fall and landing on my knee from the dance championships in 2012, that was the first time my knee cap popped. 
After that, I wore a knee brace for a good 6 months or so,  finding a little difficulty in doing my usual workouts; no more treadmills, no more spinning classes. It was tough. Watching my friends do squats made me feel like I’m playing with fire, especially with this condition. 
I was also skeptical about squats because people tell me different ways to do them and I wasn’t sure which was right. Also, I was doubting the way I squatted and didn’t know to do a proper squat. After doing more research about them recently, squats have been my best friend. I guess the most important thing is to check on my form (usually I arch my back too much), and be mindful of which muscle I use to come back up from squat position. 
See the difference? Haha
 I’ve been coming across pictures of super fit butts on some fitness Instagram accounts. Not being pervy or anything. I felt jealous especially when I look at my pancake bum in the mirror. Bikini bottoms have always been a problem for me because my bum is too small. Even XS size in New Zealand can’t fit me properly. It gets really annoying to shop for bikinis.
The squats I’ve done so far are side squats,wall squats, body weight squats, jump squats and Romanian squats. Let’s see how I fare. As much as the 30 Day Squat Challenge sounds very tempting in the hopes of getting a better butt, I think that will come later. So, I suppose squatting would be one of this year’s resolutions?
At the Gym vs. at Home?

This is a personal opinion but I was actually disappointed when I went back to my gym in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago. I felt like people there were more into hooking up with other people rather than taking their workouts seriously. The thing that turned me off quite badly is that I’ve recently asked a personal trainer about squatting, form, and fitness related questions, he hardly acknowledged my questions and then he started flirting with me and asked me out to a movie. I was being serious, buddy. My questions remained unanswered until he “explains it when we go out next time.” -___- and here we are at the gym.
Some workouts can be done at home and some of them need the equipment from the gym. Doing circuit training nowadays seem to be more effective for me, and I can do them without weights at the moment, and machines. Yesterday, I worked out till failure in the span of 35 minutes. I’m amazed at how much I’ve done in that short amount of time. I worked out in my room, with my full length mirror in front of me. I don’t even feel the least bit self conscious cos no weirdo seems to be staring at me. Haha.
It gives me hope that I can resume working out and making it a part of my Wellingtonian life. Woohoo. Achievement unlocked.
Despite whatever, I would still work out at the gym, where I can have a change of environment and add some free weights into my exercises. AND THE SWIMMING POOL. ❤ as long as I don't get lazy and slack when I'm back in Wellington.
Just laying out some of my thoughts. I’m sure people have their own opinions on gyms and workouts, these are mine. 🙂 Hope to see some results maybe after a few months!
Huff Puff,
Ashley Mah.

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