So Space

by Ashley M

Mr. & Ms. Cafe @ Oasis, Ara Damansara, Bonjour Cafe @ Kota Damansara, Garage 51 @ Sunway, Artisan Roast Cafe @ TTDI

The morning after the Irish Car Bomb and turning 21, I woke up thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t get a hangover. Was hungry nonetheless. I came across Mr & Ms. Cafe in the list of top 10 cafe’s for coffee/brunch in KL. I was also itching for my Flat White fix.
Located in Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, I had no hassle finding carpark and it was close to my house too. Carpark is free too. It wasn’t overly crowded when I went there with Doug, so we could have a decent coffee and brunch to start the day.

Our flat whites. Pretty good, but I still kinda prefer the one @ Podgy & the Banker. This one was less creamy, however it was still good.

I enjoyed their Eggs Atlantic ; very comforting in the morning.
Very hard not to order a dish like this when I’m out for brunch.

Can’t quite recall the name of this dish but I think it was something like “Big Breakfast”. Quickly took a snapshot before Doug wolfed it down.

When I saw this, I was like “Oh, so this is where everyone took pictures/played with these things.”
How cute. I couldn’t be bothered as I was stuffing my face with my poached eggs & salmon.

Mr. Pringles / The Monopoly Guy? Haha
For everything we’ve ordered, the bill came up to RM60. I personally thought it was a bit pricey but it is expected when you eat at these places. I could DIY if I was back in Wellington though. Hee.
Overall, I’d rate this place a 6/10. Service and the food were good, but I’ve had better flat whites.
At night, I decided to take Doug & Kim to one of the interesting places I’ve been ; Bonjour Cafe at Kota Damansara. The picture above is their newspaper-inspired menu. 
The cafe features a garden theme dining, as well as indoor dining where there’s airconditioning.

I found the setting to be quite interesting. However, I thought the food was not as good. 
I was quite disappointed.

All this pretty decor but “meh” food? Hmmm.
Here’s a glimpse of what the menu is like.

 From baked goods to steaks, this cafe offers a variety of food. It’s a shame that the quality of food was not quite there. The other thing was that, the food looked not even half as appetizing as the picture in the menu. They were not kidding when it was written “All food photography is for illustration purposes only.” on the menu.
Let you see the difference.
Kim’s Carbonara pasta. She was quite disappointed that it was served to her like this. 
It didn’t taste good but it wasn’t bad either. Very “meh”, in other words.
Ps. There were no prawns.

The consolation was the generous serving of nachos that we shared among the 3 of us.
Was OK lah.

Another disappointment was the Seafood Soup that I ordered. Tsk.
I’d BEG to differ with the “thumbs up” sign on the menu.
The soup was nothing but salty and just maybe a few pieces of random seafood in it. 
Don’t order it.

Just, no.
The prices look reasonable, but after ordering the food, it was simply not worth it. 
Verdict : I’d rather pay more for better quality food.
I was very disappointed with this place because the last time I came here, I had a peach danish and coffee and it was really good. Perhaps the baked goods were good, just not the food here. Bleh!
Not coming back here.

Next stop, Garage 51.
3 places in one day! Kim and Doug seemed to be enjoying themselves very much.
Move aside, Starbucks,
Cos all the cool kids (especially around the Sunway College area) have found a new place for their caffeine fix and hangouts!


Located right across the road from Sunway College and within walking distance, it is not surprising that this place is usually filled with college kids.
Plus, I heard that this place served good coffee. It is also in the list of top 10 cafes to visit in KL.

The most talked about/ Instagram-ed of coffee at the cafe ; The Mochatella. RM15.90
I wondered what the hype was all about
Basically these are coffee ice cubes with Nutella at the bottom of the cup. So all you’ve to do is pour the milk into the cup and keep stirring.
I thought it was not bad, nice on a hot day. Doug thought that they could be slightly more generous on the Nutella, however. 
We tried a couple of other stuff like the Black Go Brown ice-cream and the Creme Brulee, but I wasn’t fast enough to take a picture of those. You’ve gotta be real fast to snap one when you’re with big time foodies. 😛
Parking at this place is a bitch, however. Worth a try though! I kinda wished that it existed during my time at college. Would be nice to sit around after classes for some reading time on a rainy evening. ❤

As cafes and coffees are the hype these days in KL, I’ve tried a few other than the ones I’ve posted.
Today, I’ve just visited Artisan Roast Cafe with my friend Nick at TTDI for a good catch up session before I leave Malaysia tomorrow.
Known to be “hipster-ish” with their setting and decor, this cafe is also known for the Artisan coffee beans and their coffee, of course.
I tasted the Flat White and really liked it. Now I can’t wait to compare the taste of flat whites when I get back to NZ. I had the Mocha however. The chocolate was very strong in this one, should’ve gotten a flat white instead. Ah well. 🙂 This shall be the last cafe I visit in KL before I make my next return.
^having my most favourite Flat White at Podgy & the Banker on Valentine’s Day. Blog about that later.
Readying for airport day,
Ashley Mah.

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