So Space

by Ashley M

Bad Knee Ramblings


Among all the stuff that’s been happening for the past few days, the worst one has to be me and my bad knee. The old injury has come to visit again after landing wrongly as I walked down stairs in heels during the Maxim Swimwear Search on Friday Night.

But hey, I’m a finalist for the NZ round now. :3

Then again, there shall be no finals, or going to town, or jumping, or intense workouts until this idiotic knee heals. So I’ll be good for these couple of days and rest. Oh yeah, I’ve started wearing my knee brace again. The bionic left leg is back in action! I’m also on crutches after seeing my physiotherapist. T_T

Until my knee doesn’t give way or feel funny.
Here are some shots that I took over the crazy weekend. Competition on Friday, photoshoot on Saturday and then the Wellington Fashion Week castings on Sunday!! No pics of models in swimwear, sorry to disappoint. But here’s a picture of a bagel to start!

Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel. MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE.

By the time Sunday came, my system came close to shutting off. Especially when I’m trying to lay off the carbs. WHY IS IT SO HARD? Is it just me or is it just so difficult to not consume too much carbs, other than the obvious things like bread, pasta (which I haven’t had for a month), pastries, etc? Damn. I’ve been lifting a teeny bit though. 🙂

No.3! Got there early, done with, and I finally had my lunch however I liked it.

Of course, he had his lunch too. I love this picture.

Sneak peek from Saturday’s shoot with a photographer from the United States.

Me during casting yesterday from the official photographer. As much as I hate candid photos, I guess this didn’t look too bad. Not my favourite angle however. I guess that’s how I’d look like if I was captured from a low angle. Meh.

Also! RIP black heels. I know you’re in town somewhere.. or on the feet of someone evil who wears a size 5 in this city!!! >:O

On the hunt for a new pair of heels now. I know I’ll get a better pair. I really do miss all my heels at home in KL.. I hardly wear heels here due to the hilly slopes and all the walking I do daily. I think it’s almost 5km daily on average? Heels won’t do.

That’s about all I can muster now. Wondering how I’m gonna walk up the hill with them crutches tomorrow for class and this aching shoulder injury that never seems to go away. -__-

Also Doug is cracking all the crutches jokes now.

Ashley M.


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