So Space

by Ashley M


Easter break. I think it is much needed. I love breaks during Easter! 
We get 2 weeks off uni. This is the time to catch up on sleep, laze around, watch movies and game. Also, do the other things that I had not enough time to do the past few months.
Liiiiiiiiike…. deep conditioning my hair. I’m sure my hairdresser would  go “tsktsk” because I’m such a lazy girl when it comes to my hair. Guilty as charged. 
It’s gotten super dry (always have been dry) and now I’m deep conditioning it with olive oil once a week for about 3 hours. It feels tamer and smoother after deep conditioning. Plus, my bob is growing out, so it’s a bit high maintenance, ie. dents and funky bed hair when I wake up in the morning. Short hair problems.
Another thing would be breaking into my new shoes. Yeah – I don’t like having blisters and my feet being pinched as I walk around in my new shoes in town or something… and end up limping or taking off my shoes and walking barefoot. It’s usually not the latter. I’ve tried the Hairdryer + Socks hack. 
And it works!! Damn, I’ve broken into 2 pairs of shoes already in the span of 10 minutes. Yay. Now I can wear my shoes comfortably.
Basically, it’s just wearing your shoes with the thickest pair of socks you own and then heating them up with the hairdryer for a few minutes while stretching your feet in the shoe or wiggling your toes. Easy!
I destress lots by cooking these days too. This is a snapshot of what our Easter meal was this year. Carrot soup, Shepherd’s pie(s), Salad and to finish off, Apple cake! It’s my first time making a 4 course meal simultaneously. Happy it turned out well!
Aside from the girly things, a trip to Auckland is in order, just about 2 sleeps away. I’m quite excited to go somewhere a little livelier and happening than quiet Wellington. I’ll forever be a city girl. I miss KL & Singapore so bad. There’s just lots to do, especially the events, clubs, music, shopping, food! I spend 90% of my time here at home & uni. Anyway, that’s the sole reason I am here..
Been going through a rough patch lately and slowly coming back to doing things I love, like dancing and writing (which explains my hiatus), with the loving support of some people and Doug. One step at a time and so far, so good.
Looking forward to Auckland!

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