So Space

by Ashley M

Happy Mother’s Day

A large shoutout goes to all moms today!
Especially mine.
Too bad I’m not home to celebrate Mother’s Day with her this year and last year, but I know that to her, distance does not matter. 
She provided us with much tough love and the type of education that we can’t learn at schools.
Mini Ash & Mom
She taught us that we can’t always get what we want.
That life is hard and you have to work for things you want.
That eating too much potato chips and chocolate will result in horrible episodes of tonsillitis (my life story as a kid).
That you will wake up from a fainting spell after hearing her yell the house down out of concern. Fainting freaks her out.
That no matter what, family will never desert you.
That most men can be assholes.
That Mozart and Beethoven are awesome…. and Bartok is not spelled as “Buttock”.
That a talented person will not get far or pass his/her exams if he/she doesn’t practice.
That going to orchestra concerts is one of the pleasures of life as a musician. I used to wish I lived under the stage at the Malaysian Philharmonic. She took me to my first orchestra concert and I loved it.
She’s also our cheerleader, helping us sail through rough patches and dark episodes.
Our lawyer, when we need some support and back up through unfair times.
Our teacher… no, literally. She teaches music for a living. Tough on us when she needs to.
Our friend.. when we have our gossips sometimes and laugh about silly things. She laughs till she cries sometimes. It’s really awesome.
Our coach.. pushing us to strive to be better, so we get far in life.
She’s the wisest person and my inspiration to be where I am in the music field. I’m living both our dreams of learning music on a tertiary level and I could not have done it without her. There was doubt, and even some arguments because I thought the dream was too far fetched.

Here I am now, in New Zealand, learning in a music conservatory, blogging about what a terrific mother I have. Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I love you so much!
Happy Mother’s Day to mothers out there!
If you haven’t called to wish her yet, you’re welcome for the reminder. 😛

Ashley Mah.

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