So Space

by Ashley M

The Student Life

Hi world,
This post is a reminder that I’m alive and kicking except that I’m all effed up from exams, assessments, performances, essays, you name it. It is the life I chose and embracing challenges isn’t really my most favourite thing in the world. Nonetheless, I’ll be OK after Monday. Not GREAT but OK.
C’mon Ashley. 
For the first time… In my entire life, that I’ve spent 7 hours writing an essay.. of 1,400 words. Yeah. I wasn’t even talking to anyone while I sat in my living room, just grinding my brains and typing away about the Assumptions of Degenerate Music during the Third Reich through the case studies of Krasa and Hindemith as an essay for my Music History paper. I am so gonna remember that forever. Yay me. Also, I think I’ve lost a part of my brains in the process.
I’ve literally got only 1 week to do this essay before the deadline, as my essay question was constructed then. Today’s breakthrough is finishing my draft for 2696 words! *throws confetti* Sometimes, no, not sometimes, but EVERY TIME I think about it, I really hate Msian Education System man. Why the hell do you not teach students to write proper essays? Bloody hell. Most of my teachers in primary school and secondary school taught me squat!! More often that or that I should skip school and study stuff by myself at home… or rely on tuition out of school. Which was how I got by. God, I never even bothered studying for my English exams then! -_- If it wasn’t for A Levels, my writing skills would be even more screwed than it already is, as much as I hate to admit it. 
Rant over. Nope, not quite. Anticipating Monday, my essay is due then, together with a Music History journal, and also it’s the day of String Tech Exam! Weehee. Just hope I don’t mess it up like last year and ran home crying. Lol
Ok, the most exciting thing that happened this week was purchasing this baby. Cooking brown rice now is fuss free and it doesn’t bubble all over the table! Yay!
I love brown rice. So much better than white rice! Chewy too. 
Recently did a shoot with British photographer Andrew Gibson and it was one of those portrait shoots. Nothing experimental or crazy, a rather nice and laid back shoot on a cloudy day in the Wellington Botanical Gardens. 
As you can see, it is autumn now. My favourite season! Not too cold and not too warm. Oh, and also I’m dressed in my everyday uni gear. Haha definitely had no stress in picking out wardrobe for this shoot.
I had one of the best times shooting with Andrew. Didn’t feel like my pictures made my face look fat for once, he captured my angles quite nicely and the natural light certainly helped too! My pet-peeve is photographers when they take photos with flashes, washing out all my makeup and making my face look 2D.
Ugh ugh ugh. JUST NO. Finally, one that doesn’t do that. 🙂 
Here’s a special one he took of Doug and myself. ❤ My favourite photo of us so far! ..which is not a selfie. Haha. Hard not to laugh though when we were, uh, posing. It's just not…. what we do. Posing like couples. Heck, even some people think we are siblings (wth?)!!
Anyway, it is one of those fabulous photos, taken during a candid moment even.
The next two weeks will be assessments and exams! After which is the winter break, which means I get to play Guildwars2 for the entire day again. :’)

Throwback : Redbull event in 2013

2012 – Gotta love Oktoberfest!

2012 – with the girls at a Hennessy V.S.O.P Bottle Launch
In contrast to the posts that I used to write, it is pretty clear that my blog is going through a diary-fying process. Lesser events, lesser parties, alcohol, high heels (it’s Wellington, what are you gonna?) and glamorous photos at happening places. I miss all of those. Nonetheless, I’m going down this different road, learning more about music and getting closer to my future. So… Life’s still good! Though, I’ll try to update as often as I can, since this is one of the things I do to keep my sanity. hehe
I’m living the student life!!
Ashley M

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