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by Ashley M

Aucklandland Pt.3 : Devonport Day

This is a continuation of my prev post about my trip to Auckland with Doug. It is long due but better late than never! It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had in my life, and it deserved to be remembered, for me, at least. 🙂 
Second day in Auckland and we did a trip to Devonport!
But before that, we made a stop at Grand Harbour Restaurant for Dim Sum. I was happy already.

It’s been awhile, beautiful, beautiful, delicious, juicy, hargao (prawn dumplings). Costs so much more compared to those in M’sia. But oh well.
Interior of Grand Harbour.
I miss seeing and eating in restaurants like these. Having proper dimsum rather than those half-assed ones and paying in NZD for them.

Hi Boyfriend.

I can’t not order these when having dimsum. This girl loves her egg tarts! So much that I would actually make them at home if my cravings get too unbearable.

Quiet city at 10am on a Sunday morning.
Went to the Harbour and got a ferry ride over to Devonport. Extremely jakun-ly excited cos I have not sat on a ferry before. Don’t judge. Doug was amused though.

Yaaaay FERREH.

Arriving at Devonport.
This is going to be pictures > words post, if you can’t already tell. Devonport was a very scenic place, so I got heaps and tons of pictures worth posting. 

$10 for a carriage ride around Devonport town.
Cute, but not my thing. We took a tour of the town in a van instead.

One of the highlights of the tour is the historical houses they have there – some of them built during the Victorian Era and so forth. Also heard that property is super expensive here.

This tunnel-like thing existed during the war, where soldiers stored their weapons.

Looked quite spooky in there. Kinda reminded me of when I was playing Tomb Raider on PC.

Very awkward picture of Doug who was trying to take a close up shot of the mushroom-looking things. Haha

Made a stop at the Devonport Chocolate Factory. 
Some of the chocolates looked too good to be eaten!

There you go. A glimpse of Devonport, New Zealand. 
Quiet and quaint, if I had to describe it in 2 words. It’s nice to visit as a tourist, but I reckon that one visit was enough to see everything here! Stoked to get back to Auckland city for some more food hunt! 
Till the next post,
Ashley M.


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