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by Ashley M

Crazy ass shoot!!

It was 8 degrees, 8 a.m., on a winter morning.
Windy too, if you didn’t know Wellington’s insane wind conditions.
This had to go down on the list of crazy stuff that I’ve done!
Jim from CarrollVisual Photography and I collaborated on these “Washed up on shore” themed photoshoot at Owhiro Bay. My makeup was done by Emma Sophia, she was amazing, doing my makeup at 7a.m. on a Saturday.
Being drenched in the wind and wearing a wet shirt sticking to my body was a real challenge, but I was determined to keep a straight face until we wrapped it up. Jim was quick and planned his photo taking wisely, Doug was there giving me moral support and helping out despite the cold weather and I had desperately tried to keep a straight face.
These are what we came up with. 
Jim has some arse kicking skills at capturing the waves and colour scheme. The photo is not even really photoshopped. I was quite pleased when I got his email of the pictures!
Owhiro Bay would look very pretty in summer.
I love upside down shots. They’re my favourite.
After this shoot, I threw this damned shirt away. It was one of the most annoying pieces of clothing I owned because the bottom had strings attached to it and it looked unbalanced all the time. I got it from Asian Avenue 4 years ago, one random day at Sunway Pyramid for RM25, so you can imagine the quality. Lol
My nailpolish is courtesy of Yuan, who has extremely good taste. I love the colour against my skin, it stands out nicely. Gonna buy this exact colour next time. 
Achieving this sort of pained look in this shot – pretty much depicts how I felt while shooting. Haha! I had to say, it was quite fun!
Jim’s FB Page
Emma Sophia’s FB Page
Ashley M.

2 comments on “Crazy ass shoot!!

  1. Gorgeous!!!!!


  2. Ashley Mah
    December 16, 2014

    Thank you 🙂


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