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by Ashley M

Winter ramblings – Reviewing The Jersey Boys Movie, The Sims 3 & Food Homesickness

And just like that, we’ve passed mid July. Winter break is over – it was a helluva much needed one. Trimester 2 has already begun. I’m halfway through my music degree!
Just today I was walking to a catwalk coaching session in town, and I had to hold my hood on, bear with my shoes sloshing in the rain water and try not to get blown away. That’s the Wellington weather for you. Just don’t carry an umbrella. Don’t.
 Unless you intend to Mary Poppins to your destination.
My face when I have an early class and it’s windy and raining like heck outside. 
I’m sure I’m not the only one.
I’ve recently returned to my piano playing roots and did a good number of hours practicing some Debussy, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and some other guys for a birthday party last night. It was the prettiest house party thrown for the guy’s wife. My job was to create the musical wallpaper behind the chatter and laughter of guests, and clinking of wine glasses. I had to say, it was the sweetest gig I’ve done here in NZ. People are so polite, considerate and don’t have the superior/bossy/rude attitude – just because you’re being paid by them. So glad to have played for the party. Mom would’ve enjoyed the baby grand I played on too.
Last Saturday was a real treat for me. Went to watch the Jersey Boys movie with Doug and we enjoyed it so much although the cinema mainly consisted of us, and a few older couples. Sure says something about my taste in music? Haha. 
The movie is directed by Clint Eastwood.
Although it took me some time to get used to the movie version of Frankie Valli and his super clean falsetto, whereas the original one has a little growl and sounds a bit sandy. (Been listening to Sherry for like, 1000x) Nonetheless, it was really good. I enjoyed Can’t Take My Eyes Off You the most. Damn that brass section though. So amazing! The arrangement blew me away instantly. I WANT THAT BRASS SECTION FOR MY WEDDING. Just kidding. No, really?
Best quote:
 “You know it’s a good place since they don’t sell it by the slice.” – Mary Delgado (Pizzeria scene)
I watched a review on Youtube on the movie and the guy said that he didn’t get the part where the characters turned to talk to the camera / then back to the other characters – Yeah, you would’ve not got it unless you watched the musical. That’s what they did in the musical, each taking turns to narrate the story. I also thought the dramatic weight was divided in between the songs/story/movie. It was moving towards the end, watching the group fall apart, and then reunite when they’re old men, singing Who Loves You, but it didn’t quite have the same effect as in the musical. Maybe it’s just me. Such a good story – the Four Seasons. Gotta love that falsetto.
Just a week ago, I’ve managed to download custom content in to my Sims3 game and I have semi lost touch with the real world. Some websites for custom content just amaze me. People can be so creative. Decided to give GW2 a break – just kept on creating Sims and homes and maps. Just as therapeutic as painting my nails, which I have been doing lots.
Anyway, I’ve always been a pessimist when it came to Malaysian food here in Wellington CBD. Seriously, after working at Satay Kajang, I would not want to have Malaysian food in town no more. I could wait. But recently, Doug and I had dinner with Yuan and her boyfriend at a simple Chinese takeaway place at Haitaitai. I can’t recall the name but it was really good. Made me crave so much for white rice and meat and fried stuff! … and Char Siew. 
We gave in and made a stop at KC Restaurant – kinda like a Kopitiam in Malaysia. That has Char Siew (Bbq roast pork) , Siew Yok (roast pork) and many other things. Doug tells me that it’s popular for its Char Siew. We gave it a go.
Found the Char Siew a bit dry for my liking, but I suppose this is as close as it gets. Plus, the portions are huge. 2 dishes can feed 3 people.
Doug ordered Duck Rice. *thumbs up*
Oh, and I finally tried this noodle! And we have heaps of it. 😛
Price is a bit ridiculous if you’re gonna convert. But, whatever. Still gonna buy it and it’s available in the Korean Market on Dixon Street. 
It was heavenly. I love it. Doug found it spicy but it was OK for me. Gonna have more!! 
Instant noodles always remind me of my mom cos that’s her guilty pleasure, aside from Cheezels. Oh mom. I miss home.
My neighbour just got robbed recently, and it was freaky as shit because my sis was outside and there was screaming and the security guards beat the guy up and caught him and my mom was scared as hell and it was chaotic. 😦 Makes me worry about my family so much. Apparently, robberies have been occurring in my housing area. Not cool. Hope the security guards/police are doing something about it. Stay safe, people. It’s not really safe anywhere, even in your own home. Damn.
Tomorrow’s Monday again, so it’s time to get back to weekday mode!
Ashley M.

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