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by Ashley M

Joined Voda Model Management in NZ

Updates are always overdue these days, as it has been the longest I’ve gone without posting anything. I have been through some rough patches couple of months ago and am still coping. Thanks to those who have been supporting me. Other than that, it’s winter – not the best of times. But now, it is finally September, and it’s Spring.
Despite the rough patches and mini battles I had day after day, one of the happiest news I had was being on board with Voda Model Management NZ. I attended the casting, I met the girls, I had my photos done and had met the loveliest mumager, as the girls like to call her. I am so happy to be a part of this agency, despite being a petite 5″ person!
One of the Sundays in July, the models were given a workshop and simple photoshoot for the website – it’s new an improved now! We were taught how to walk – man, I had lots to learn!
Met really lovely and friendly people there. Like I said, I was just happy being there as compared to my previous experience with agencies. A lot did not accept me because of my height – obviously, but also that I am a part of a proper, active one. Perhaps this would be a good start in my mini modelling side career in Wellington, who knows.
I just visited Buoy Hair Salon this evening to have a chat with a hairstylist whom I will be modelling for at the The Oceanic Hairdressing Masters Award, which is an international hair competition. I can’t imagine how many times I rejected being asked to do hair modelling for tiny contests in Malaysia, because I refused to cut my hair! But heck, it’s time for a change. If this would be the most interesting thing that I’d do in Wellington, this would be it. ANTM Makeover, anyone?
We’ll see when November comes.
Ashley M.

One comment on “Joined Voda Model Management in NZ

  1. choulyin.tan
    September 23, 2014

    I want to be a model too!!!!! the high life sounds exciting babe!!!!


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