So Space

by Ashley M

Happy 18th, baby sis!

Homaigod, she’s 18.
You were so little!! Bald and chubby too. HAHA

To me, you’re still the annoying toddler who chewed the edges of my story books, scribbling in my notebooks and stealing stickers from my sticker book. Despite everything, you’re my best friend by default. 
God gave you to mom and dad and he gave you to me so I had someone to play Congkak with – or Batu Seremban, or cards or wrestling with Barbie Dolls. Someone to cause havoc in the house with, someone fight with over who gets the bigger piece of cake. 

Remember the time your toenail broke off and there was blood everywhere and Tita was screaming? LOL Or the time we played jump rope and I fell face first on the tiled floor, almost broke my tooth and again – Tita was screaming. It is obvious that we gave our maid a hard time looking after us. 
Good times. Although we’re miles away now, but nothing’s changed and I’m glad it is that way. You’re a greedy, kind and happy spirit and I hope you’ll always be that way. Soon, you’ll be driving mom and dad around and terrorizing the roads of KL, or making stops at donut stalls or buying Goreng Pisang. I know it!
You’re getting taller and prettier day by day.
 Today’s your 18th birthday, you’re no longer a baby. Life is just beginning for you! Enjoy all the ups and learn from all the downs that you’ll be going through, and never forget that I’ll always be there to laugh at you or laugh with you. 
Omg, look how much you’ve changed over the years through these pix. I feel like I’m getting shorter and shorter… I need higher heels to walk in when I visit KL again.
Till I’m back!
We shall have heaps of shopping trips and movies and lots of food!
Meanwhile, enjoy the presents, the wishes and the card. 😉
Love you Kimbo!! Have lots of cake!!

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