So Space

by Ashley M

Steampunk Fashion // Decadence Fashion Show @ Dransfield House, Wellington

At last month’s fashion show at Dransfield House, everyone went back in time and to a realm where steampunk and Victorian fashion collided. Hardly any events I attended in KL had such an alternative feel like this one. Albeit small and private, but heck, even the guests were dressed up. Felt like a big roleplay party. 

I’m there because I was one of Zorro’s models for her Ghost Train line. It was the All Blacks game yesterday night and a fire extinguisher dropped on my foot…. walking with a potentially fractured foot (I just found out last week) for a fashion show was quite a challenge but I couldn’t let her down anyway. Plus, I didn’t know my foot was such in a bad shape. 
Above are most of Zorro’s designs. 
There were other designers there too, beautiful clothing on display!
Oh yeah, this was the one I modeled, featuring the bustle, which everyone loved, even me.

Bubbles, champagne and bites were served. Whee. Unfortunately, I am not one to have alcohol on an empty stomach in the morning and having to walk for a fashion show after. Don’t want to stumble and trip all over the place now, do we?
“I’ll have one anyway.”
So some of these photos were taken by other photographers at the event, mostly by my personal one – Doug. Hope to attend more events like these. Certainly rare!
Ashley M.

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