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by Ashley M

How to : Healing a broken foot

Okay, so for my entire life, I’ve never thought that I would break something. I’ve had heaps of friends who had dislocated arms, broken arms, broken legs from sports injuries and so on. Knee cap dislocation aside, I have had a broken foot 1 month ago and did not know about it.
This might probably be closest to how my foot was broken, but maybe not, since I didn’t actually have an xray done, but that’s where the fire extinguisher fell on my foot. Image obviously not mine but you get my drift.
From a fire extinguisher falling directly onto my forefoot.
It just had to happen to me while I was at work at the All Blacks game. Talk about shitty luck.
Thinking that it might just be a huge ass blueblack bruise, I continued walking around and even walked for a fashion show the following morning. 
So I just got back from the doctor’s 30 minutes ago because since then there was a lump that has been there since the accident. Swelling has disappeared and the pain as well, but there’s this hard bump on my forefoot. Doug freaked me out when he said he hoped it isn’t a bone.
What I did for the past few weeks:
AVOID running
AVOID jumping
STOP anything that made the pain worse
NOT wear heels for more than 3 hours
SLOWLY walking uphill and downhill
AVOID dancing or arching my foot

Good news is :
 Foot is definitely healing!! 
The bump is not a BONE, but it is a CALLOUS ;
 forming when a bone is broken, which will diminish as time goes by.
I’ve been taking great care of my foot the past few weeks by just doing what I did.

Bad news is :
My foot was DEFINITELY FRACTURED. Previous doctor I saw didn’t bother really checking and said things vaguely, in fact, the nurse I saw before this doctor told me that I fractured it already. -_-

That’s the only bad news. It feels so surreal and grossed me out at the same time, thinking back of all the things that I did with a broken foot. No wonder it hurt like hell. 
So what to do when you think you’ve fractured your foot?
See a doctor immediately. YA’LL GON’ LEARN TODAY!

Don’t even TRY to run… to catch that bus. NO.

Ice that foot!

Take anti-inflammatory pills, they help with the swelling and pain.

Something for support would be good.

Give it time to heal, REST and RICE.

I hope my foot will be fine in a couple of month’s time. For the time being, I will just wait patiently and stay the heck away from fire extinguishers.
Another tiny tip for the ladies! Get a pedicure before your checkup (if you can). Lol, I had one the previous day by chance, so I was a tiny bit proud of not having to be embarrassed by chipped polish or icky nails.
Thank you guys for your concerns, asking me how my foot is and etc.
 You know who you are. 🙂
Ashley M

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