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by Ashley M

Going SHORT. LOVE your short hair!

As you know, I’ve welcomed 2014 with short hair. A bob, to be exact. And to think that I thought doing that was being adventurous… until I got it cropped again a few weeks back by talented Wei from Buoy Hairdressing, something so close to being a long pixie cut!
I was his model for his final hairdressing assessment, and he passed! Seriously, Wellingtonians, trust this man with your hair and try something new. Life’s too short to have boring hair.
For the assessment, I was a cut and colour model. So the mini  makeover was red, assymetrical cropped hair, more angled towards the front and also a huge parting change. Heck, I love it so much. The first thing Doug said when he saw it was Jean Grey…. must be the red.
After washing the styling products off and just blow drying for 10 minutes, it looked like this!

Such a refreshing change! And since then, I’ve been styling it like this, pinning one side behind my ear.

 I like it like this! Stays put on windy days as well. I’ve tried curling it but didn’t love it, so I styled my  hair like so for my final recital this year! A little bit of styling wax and some bobby pins were all I need, and 5 minutes. 🙂
I was so relieved to have finished 2nd year of uni. One year left! It’s been a tough year, but it’ll just get tougher from now and I’ve gotta soldier on. Plus, I’ve learnt so much… Don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to have this much change in my playing if I was still in KL.
I jumped on the bandwagon of making FB event pages out of our final recitals and I sort of regret it, at the same time I don’t. It’s so lovely having to see all the familiar faces supporting me as I supposedly do my thing on stage, even having someone from the NZSO come to listen to my performance, I was so honoured! 
But I was nearly a nervous wreck. I tried not giving a f*** when I screwed up but during the 30 minutes of playing, my brain just got lost somewhere for 1 second, and came back….I just carried on. Nonetheless, I am appreciative of all the support I got from all of you who came. Thanks guys 🙂

 Big thanks to Mr.Lee who fulfilled his boyfriend duties, recording my performance with a steady hand. They’re on YouTube now.

 Oh! His hair was done by Wei too. ❤ Thanks for making us look fabulous!
After the recital, Doug rewarded me with  one of the best lunches ever. We went to try out Big Bad Wolf on Blair St, and were far from being disappointed!!! The place was cosy and modern, menu not too big, pork everywhere and the prices were reasonable.
Big portions ahead!
Porchetta with gourmet potatoes.
Cajun BBQ Pork Ribs. 
Pulled Pork Sandwich for $8.50. Nothing like I’ve ever had, and it’s so cheap compared to the many sandwiches I’ve tried at several cafes here.
For 2 people who ate like dinasours, everything came up to $50 ish. 4 dishes, including drinks. I’ll be coming back for you again, ribs. 
So hey, new hair, recital done, summer on the way and a long awaited road trip to the NZ Art and Tattoo Festival at New Plymouth come end of Nov. Looking forward!! Thankful for everything so far.
PS. Hope you had a good Halloween!
 I stayed home and gamed all night. Best Halloween ever.
photo by James Carroll FB Page
makeup by talent Kendra Herrick FB Page Website

Ashley Mah

4 comments on “Going SHORT. LOVE your short hair!

  1. Choulyin Tan
    November 6, 2014

    nice!!!! I had short hair before and I didn't like it >.< probably cos i didn't know how to style it after i left the hair show (yes I was a hair model :p) In the end i cut it off bob cut style, and I am never going down that path ever again :p


  2. Ashley Mah
    November 6, 2014

    Haha cool! I guess it really takes the right person to do it right.. I've had the mushroom head phase too. So shitty man. I just wanted to wear a cap everyday. But yeah, go to someone you trust!!!


  3. Tenshi Chn
    November 8, 2014

    it looks really good after blow dry toot ^^


  4. Ashley Mah
    November 9, 2014

    Thank you! x


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