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by Ashley M

Wisdom Teeth Removal Log : Day 1

^those are the culprits! The rest were too broken to keep.
So, the thought of having my wisdom teeth extracted have always worried me, since my friends started getting theirs removed. I guess it is about this time when it’s best to get them all out – during my summer break.
Which was what I did last month at Courtenay Specialists. I’m still not fully recovered yet, eating with 4 large holes in my gums where those annoying teeth used to be still comes as a challenge to me.
Look at how gross they are! Blood, and gums, and all that fun stuff! Yet so fun to play with. 
If you’re reading this and having to undergo the surgery, DO IT. Get it done and over with, would be my advice. No reason to be scared of the procedure, if you’re lucky enough to be sedated or have general anesthesia, just the recovering process is a pain in the butt. Getting them removed did not hurt me at all, it happened so quickly. Literally blacking out and waking up in a chair,not knowing how I got there in the first place… (did the nurse carry me or something? I’ll never know)… kinda like a great night out and then the morning after. Haha
I was sedated the IV (Intravenous) way, and I closed my eyes and fell asleep almost instantly. I woke up feeling weird and uncomfortable. Not in pain, just numb in odd places of my mouth and face. Still sleepy, dizzy and biting on a piece of gauze. The first thing I remembered was the nurse telling me that it’s all done, which surprised me because I thought it hasn’t been done yet! Then I was lying on this mega comfy chair. 

“I survived!”
Doug came in checking on how I was. So this was the part I didn’t remember – giving him the thumbs up sign for the longest time and going, “Whoo! I feel like superman! I’m flying!” Even til today, I can’t believe I said those things, completely slipped my memory. I was as high as a kite.
Here’s a helpful tip : Don’t be near your cellphone if you don’t wanna drunk text or take a terrible selfie.
Can’t go wrong with a good plate of mash.
Went home and then slept for the rest of the day. Drank lots of water and swallowed a lot of my own blood. Yuck. The only meal I had after surgery was tomato soup, mashed potatoes and mashed bananas. No thanks to my numbness, I spilled drink and food all over myself because I couldn’t feel my lower lip and chin. Oh hey, I also bled all over my blanket, pillow case and my white top. Genius.
Tooth selfie!
The first day is finally over, swelling going down.
Or so I thought. I ended up sleeping only at 5am. I felt the anesthesia slowly wearing off. Worse experience ever. It felt like 2 sandbags forming in my cheeks and weighing hem own painfully. It was so painful that lying down was the most uncomfortable experience. Eventually, I fell asleep.

Til the next log.
Ashley M.

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