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by Ashley M

Wisdom Teeth Removal Log : Day 2 & 3


It’s crazy how heavy my cheeks feel. I look awful in the mirror. I’m a mess. I woke up spitting out lots of blood and have a bloody taste in my mouth that just lingers.. Gross. Make it stop!

Vegetable soup with risoni. Super sick of the taste of vege soup right now. 

My sad looking breakfast. The bread was a challenge to eat.

I iced my face for the rest of the day with an ice pack, took my painkillers and antibiotics. They helped with the pain. The only thing today was that I was feeling nauseous from all the codeine that I have been taking. It’s a strong painkiller, one of the few that I’m taking. I didn’t feel like puking but I didn’t feel like eating, and there’s this pain in my stomach that gets worse by the hour. I think I might be getting gastric.
I had mashed bananas, chocolate milk, soft boiled eggs and oats today. Bleh. I can’t really open my mouth odaty. So annoying. 
Gamed most of the day, finally leveling up to lvl 80 in GW2 (the bf is proud), and napped a lot. I took sleeping pills this time. Thank God for sleeping pills at this kind of situation. Before I know it, Day 2 is over.

Swelling at Day 3

How pink my cheeks were.. this shot is not even edited. They were that swollen.
At this time, I wished someone could put me to sleep forever to end my suffering. Never thought I could feel this nauseous. The stomach pain was also getting increasingly painful. Just right below my sternum. Oh hey, it’s that time of the month too. So I have all of that, an aching face and period cramps. Just what I needed. 
I couldn’t keep sleeping so I did the same thing – Game and watched more Family Guy to take my mind off the pain. I’m unable to eat very much but I feel hungry. This was a challenge. I tried making food that won’t make me feel nauseous like brownies, soba noodles and porridge. But they all failed miserably. Ended up eating all of it reluctantly because of the pain and nauseousness.
I’m pretty sure the whole painful experience is past the post wisdom teeth removal now. 
Ashley M

2 comments on “Wisdom Teeth Removal Log : Day 2 & 3

  1. Henry Lee
    December 13, 2014

    MUKA TEBAL! Buahahaha… that's the right term but the wrong meaning! Anyway, at least you are better now. Thinking to remove one of my wisdom tooth also… sigh


  2. Ashley Mah
    December 14, 2014

    Haha I know right! Oh dear. MIne was teruk cos I did all 4 in one go.


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