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by Ashley M

I HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Wisdom Teeth Removal Log : Day 4 & Day 5 & Day 6

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I probably alarmed you at the title of this post, but the hospital bit has got nothing to do with the removal of my wisdom teeth, so don’t worry. Read on to find out.


Yoghurt… Chinese Tea… 
Eggs.. Porridge… Coconut Water…
Soba noodles… More tea..
Ice-cream…. I had enough of ice-cream at this point. Or just about anything creamy.
That pretty much sums up what I ate and drank for the entire day. I hardly had food in large quantities but eating just made me wanna puke all the more. But if I didn’t eat, my stomach will hurt more?
My face looks terrible, but the post wisdom teeth wounds hurt a lot less. At least that’s one down.
On to the next day. Any kind of food makes me nauseous in spite of my best efforts at cooking fresh meals. This pain has to stop.
OH MY GOD. The excruciating pain that I can still remember up til today. I started to have cold sweat, it got too painful to endure. 
I called the ambulance to take me to the hospital at 6.30 A.M. I had to.

Sharp jab!
As I mentioned, the stomach pain had nothing to do with the wisdom teeth (obviously), but it was the codeine. Bloody codeine. The codeine was one of the painkillers that I took to help ease the pain. Side effects are nausea, sleepiness and constipation. Now that everything is mixed together in my system, it is safe to say that I was screwed up big time. 
I let the doctor and nurses run tests. I was in my sleeping clothes and still had chipmunk cheeks. The good thing is that my mouth felt slightly better. God help me. This abdominal pain is crazy. They jabbed me with some other painkiller for the “abdo” pain, as they called it, through the IV thingy which sat so damn uncomfortably under my skin on my left arm. I dared not move. Like I had a choice, anyway.
After a few hours I was free to go home. I felt miserable and like a corpse. Pretty sure poor Doug felt the same. Went home and went right to bed. This was by far, the worst Saturday ever.

The worst is over! I don’t feel much pain in my stomach anymore, still a bit afraid that it might come back. I’m still a bit nauseous too. I can’t walk right because of how weak I was feeling. Antibiotics, more painkillers, bleh.

Now for something less depressing. Doug knew I was lacking in vitamins and nutrients over the week so he went to the morning market and came back with a ton of fruits to juice them for me. :’) I felt like crying for a moment because I was so happy and thankful to have someone look after me like that. Especially when I was feeling at my worst. He’s an angel and a sweetheart.
And a bit like my mom. Forcing me to have yucky things in my juice like beetroot, ginger and celery. I know, it’s good for me but the taste/smell is just horrific. I whined and pouted but drank it all anyway and insisted for another glass with more oranges and apples in it. 
On my way to recovery for sure. Now I just need to continue sleeping, gaming and eating what I can. That will be the end of my logs. At this stage, my swelling has almost disappeared and my mouth slowly felt less tight/sensitive. On the 8th day, I was given this magical syringe to clean the post wisdom teeth holes from food that was getting stuck in them. It is disgusting but I had to do what I had to do!
I call it “the purge”. Everytime after I eat now, I clean my mouth with this device. Oh, the dentist also gave me a tube of toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums. I felt better in 2 days! I brought the syringe with me on my roadtrip to Rotorua and New Plymouth the following week. I will write about that one soon!

Holiday-ing in Tauranga! Stay tuned!
Hope you have a better post wisdom teeth removal recovery than me. Very soon, your face will return to normal! 🙂
Life is full of drama and crazy things. Haha
Ashley M.

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