So Space

by Ashley M

Christmas and New Year Wishes

Can’t believe it’s Christmas? Me too!
Time flies so fast when you’re having fun/busy as heck.
How I wish my family was here to celebrate Christmas with me. I’m sure they feel the same way, including my dog. Feels really odd not spending the most important holiday of the year without your family but when life calls you to be a big girl, you just gotta be – in my case at least. 

Despite not being home, I did feel like I had a home here in Wellington, with Doug and Shu Run, who welcomed us to spend Xmas with her family at her aunt’s farm. It was a rather interesting Christmas nonetheless with her wonderful quirky family, Malaysian accents rolling off our tongues!
Thanks babe for making me feel at home every time I’m at yours and feeling less homesick. ❤ 
Achievement unlocked! Making my own army of gingerbread men for Christmas. I was proud- they had bow ties and everything. whee!
Christmas lunch at ours 🙂
To the people who aren’t spending Christmas with your loved ones, be strong and look forward to the many Christmases to come. That was what my counselor told me to do. Also, making actual plans for Christmas/NYE helps, rather than to sit home and wait for the day to pass. Have fun! Go crazy! Especially those overseas! Go Party! Ya’ll are adults now! We’ve been waiting for this moment haven’t we? Gone are the days we had to sneak in to clubs or go in with fake photocopied IDs. Heh.
Bob here is up and ready to PARTAY~ you should be too!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year everyone! 
Ashley M

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This entry was posted on December 27, 2014 by in baking, diy, gingerbread men, holidays, homecooked, merry christmas, nz, summer, Wellington.
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