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by Ashley M

Travel Diaries : Sailing in Tauranga, Polynesian Spa in Rotorua

Happy 2015!
First time spending New Year’s in New Zealand and since everything is closed, I spent the entire day glued to my computer, bed and in my nightie. Was quite a nice way to spend it though!
So 2 months back, Doug and I had our very own little road trip to Rotorua, Tauranga and New Plymouth. Expect a lot of photos! Oh! And also, some videos. 😉 We did some pretty awesome bucket list things that was taped on our Toshiba Camileo X Sports camera. We love that little thing. The wide lens is amazing and the video quality is pretty good too. We took pictures with the camera as well, so all the wide lens ones are from the Toshiba Camileo.

It was a grueling 6-7 hour long drive to Rotorua, and then another hour to Tauranga, where we had our first activity – sailing. I haven’t sailed before and I was so excited!

The weather was amazing and sunny, not quite as windy as Wellington, which was good!

Breathtaking views surrounded us. It was crazy! Oh and half of my dress got wet with seawater when the boat turned. Haha

One day, you’ll be captain of your own boat, sweetheart.

Wearing this awesome sundress I got from ASOS for like, $16. I love it! Usually don’t do so well with cutouts but this one was perfect. Swimsuit underneath for safekeeping. 

You’ve seen the pictures. 
Here’s the video of our sailing experience!
Enjoy! 🙂

Sun in my face, wind in my hair, wet dress, everything was amazing. It was a perfect way to end the evening of the first day, although it was not quite the end yet.

Seafood dinner at a little oyster bar at Tauranga followed by one of the must-go places in Rotorua : THE POLYNESIAN SPA. First thing that popped into my mind when we got there was how bad the stench was. It was expected because its Rotorua, the hot springs are there and the smell of sulphur was everywhere.

Had a small pool to ourselves with the view of the lake. Looks dodgy here but in real life, it was pretty. It smelled though, couldn’t get used to it, so I only soaked for like 20 minutes and got the heck out of there. How is it meant to be… romantic… when it smelled so bad? Maybe not for me then. Hah

Checking out the other pools. There are family pools, public pools, private pools.

Had to admit though that my skin felt really nice after the soak. Glad we went there but I don’t think I would like to go back there cos of the smell.
It was a tiring day! 7 hour drive, non stop navigating, activities! It doesn’t stop there. We went for a Dolphin Seafaris Tour the next morning at 7am. All in my next post. Stay tuned.

Ashley M.


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