So Space

by Ashley M

Ulterior Motifs

To what extent can we trust a person of the opposite sex we’ve just met? What’s with guys wanting to text you a lot when they’ve just met you – almost everyday – but then months later, you don’t hear from them anymore? Like, what’s up with that?

Friends? Hmm, I think not. Once they know they won’t be getting lucky, you pretty much will not hear from them again. Maybe the occasional bumping into each other on the street or something, but when you think back about the times you see his name on your notifications on your phone, then you compare it to how it is now. It just peeves me.

Going for social dancing would be one way to meet people – another one is at the gym, from  my own experience at least. Heck, do I meet a lot of weirdos.. people who just want fuck buddies, and creeps. But in the pile of unworthy people, I have met some gems whom I’m glad to have in my life. I’ve made a few valuable friends through the years, of the opposite sex, and we still text a lot til today.

It just bums me to find out that some most people I meet are more likely to fall in the “unworthy/people you don’t need in your life” category and usually have intentions, like an ulterior motif. They don’t want to be friends if they can’t try to take you out on a date or fuck you. It’s just so disappointing.

Like from dancing, I’ve had my fair share of creeps, which I’m used to. But the ones that bum me out the most are the ones who try to be your friend but then has other intentions. Can’t we enjoy having the same interest aka dancing? Can’t we enjoy talking about that? Can’t we enjoy the music that’s playing? Things could go sour really fast, and then he won’t ask you how your day was anymore.

So it seems like laying down the ground rules don’t seem to work the way they do anymore. Albeit being miles away from home, I’m glad I have these lovely friends who stick by my side aka on social media and it’s as if nothing has changed so much between us.

I guess people like me need some reminding every once in awhile about how some people can turn out to be.

I’ve learned it’s safer not to trust anyone but myself. – Anonymous


Ashley M


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