So Space

by Ashley M

Monday Bitching

Monday is a bitch. Just when I thought I could start the day right, I had to pick the shittiest hoodie to wear to uni today, got the most annoying claw clip for my hair that kept slipping off my head and then had a full day of stuff to do – back to back, as we do on Mondays, the day that our (most of us) mood is shitty by default. So today was me running around in town and uni just doing things and running errands and working all at the same time, in this bloody motherfucking hoodie that kept sliding to the back, trying to bloody strangle me. At the same time, my glasses are sliding down my nose, no idea why it does that nowadays, and my clip that doesn’t seem to like the amount of hair I have on my head. That was enough to make me feel annoyed for the rest of the day.

Claw clips are meant to be my go-to option when I’m having a bad hair day, much like today. It’s fast and simple and there’s no fuss. But today, it just seemed to hate me so much, especially the new one I got, that just wouldn’t stay. #shorthairproblems


Then I’ve got this stupid cut over the weekend that made me cancel my lesson today and made me unable to practice the entire weekend, even with a plaster on. Shit you, you shitty cut. National Youth Orchestra Audition recordings are due this Friday. Fuck.

That is all for my bitching. I hate today.


On a side note, I wear a blanket around my shoulders and pretend I’m a superhero when I’m bored. You should try it too.


Ashley M


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