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by Ashley M

Silver Linings


Bad times and silver linings

If this entire week had a theme – that would be it. I had a tough one – been dragging myself since Thursday right up til work today. My energy was getting scarce. Especially after a huge drama on Thursday where I had to play concertmaster for orchestra rehearsal and also solo Violin 1 for 3 hours. It was a rare occasion – I messed it up pretty bad. Went home crying like a baby. Injured my finger from being too tense, at some point, I forgot to breathe. My self esteem evaporated by the minute and out of my system. I was pathetic and tired the entire day with a test to begin with the morning.


It’s one of those bad days until I got home and found that he cooked dinner. Got a story book and read me one story, I forgot about my day for awhile. Priceless. The good part was that things could not get any worse than that afternoon – bad part was that I had endured it. Haha. All is good in the hood when I got home.

Friday came and I had to record my audition tape for the National Youth Orchestra due that day. I didn’t play my best because my finger was pretty much fcked and it hurt to carry anything with my left hand. But I still did like 10 recordings, managed to pick one.I could let my finger be annoying for the rest of the day. It hurt to move my hand the whole day but I was fine with it. At last the recordings have been done.


Jazz was a good one on Friday night at Rogue and Vagabond. This little bar tucked in the corner on Garrett Street and close to Cuba Street. Doug and I made it to watch the Hammond Head Three band that night and I had a glass of English Breakfast Cider. It was rare because I was the only one drinking, not like it was the best situation to drink in, everyone was everywhere, it was crowded and there wasn’t much room to sit and relax. I would catch gigs there again though, with the girls or something or on my own. Cozy little place.


Also, Cuba Dupa happened. It was all the rage this weekend but I honestly wasn’t a fan of being overwhelmed by people, especially those who simply stop in the middle of the street when they see something interesting and causing people to knock over each other. Ugh, I just cannot stand crowds. #shortpeopleproblems when all I see are people’s chests and backs. It certainly was not fun. Although, I saw some pretty interesting stuff like the picture above. A very impromptu circus-like act with gypsy music playing. I could appreciate that, just without the mass of people.

Just before leaving the apartment last night! Wearing my new dress and him in his suit. Yay.

Then we went to watch Janine Jansen’s concert with the NZSO. I’ve never been so inspired by a soloist as much as last night! The way she interacted with the orchestra players and the conductor was just amazing. So glad I went to watch it despite feeling like a zombie the entire day! I’ve never actually grinned watching an orchestra concert before, it was just simply too awesome for words. ❤ You’ve got a new fan, Janine!

The concert was amazing until some senile old couple behind us were giving us stares and the old man even tapped my shoulder and making a rude sign telling me to stop what I was doing, when what I was doing was reading the program notes…. I was so tempted to give the finger or swear because seriously, my mood that night was not to be messed with. However, momma always told me to respect the elderly – so, no finger, although I’ve returned his stare with my own. Last I checked, there was nothing wrong with reading program notes (unless you’re reading them out loud), and he should mind his own damned bizniz, seriously. Shut up and enjoy the concert please.

Til today I’m still thinking about the concert last night. It was simply amazing. The program was amazing, it was really great. I wish I could bring my mom over to watch it. She would’ve loved it. Soon, mom, soon. During my graduation year!

Speaking of today, I spent the day being a minion for the Weetbix Triathlon at Kilbirnie Park. Like Despicable Me Minions.One of the most interesting promo jobs I’ve ever done in my life – this one takes the prize!


I could kill someone with these shoes. Haha! What a crazy job – it was really cool. I’ll post more about being a minion next time. I was Kevin today.


Great people, fantastic team, organized and a whole lot of fun! I certainly enjoyed it.

This was my awesome team! That’s me on the left and Stewart, my partner on the right. We were both pretty small girls so we passed the job requirements, really. I’ve got some really interesting questions working as a minion though. I’ll keep them for the next post! We were promoting the Minions movie – which I am definitely going to watch! They’re too adorbs.


Here’s Stewart taking a break in between shifts. Hehe.


Ashley M


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