So Space

by Ashley M

The Minion Life

I lived the minion life last Sunday at the Kilbirnie Weetbix Kid’s Thryathalon. It was super interesting, dressing up as a full blown mascot for the first time in my life and getting paid pretty well for it. Just to feel like a celebrity and make kids smile.

I’ve had pretty interesting questions and comments thrown at me while I was at it. It’s so funny.

Here are the top 5.

  1. Is there a real person in there? (Asked by one of the parents. My team and I had to decide that that was either the dumbest question ever, or that my partner and I were killin it as minions)
  2. Can you talk?  (too bad we weren’t allowed to talk. Haha)
  3. Why do minions have to take breaks? They didn’t have breaks in the movie!! (One of those parents asked my team this when we had to take breaks in between being in the costume. Like, hello? Unless there aren’t any humans in a capsule like costume taking pictures with tons of kids that day, we surely didn’t need a break.)
  4. Are they from the movie? (Yup, straight from the set!)
  5. What are they? (seriously? no, we’re aliens.)

So those were the interesting questions thrown at us while we were promoting the minions movie. Other than that, I had questions of my own before I started my shift.

  1. How do I get in there? (There was a harnest inside for the head so it hangs on my shoulders like a backpack. My hands stay down most of the time)
  2. Is it going to be hot? (Not quite, but kinda stuffy – the awesome part was having a fan inside the suit)
  3. How do I move my minion hands? (by levers, it’s awesome)

No doubt that going to the bathroom was important before starting! It was surely one of the fun jobs I’ve had here in Wellington City. We were well rested, fed and looked after by an awesome team. Kids had to line up to come take pictures with us, so we didn’t get swarmed by them! Oh God, no. Everything was organized and nice.

In other news, the music school’s first orchestra concert has been done and over with. We survived it! Was a very intense two weeks but we made it and I’ve received good feedback from some of the audience. Also, I’ve gotten my tango buddy to go for his first ever orchestra concert – and he loved it! Yay. Because Beethoven is fckin awesome, that’s why. I had so much fun playing the last movement of that, so much fun that I felt like my bow was going to rocket off my strings and from my hand. I’m crazy.

We had great fun with our long dinner break before the concert, so we took a buncha selfies.

We’re third years now! Woohoo!

That is all for this post, I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Sunday.


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