So Space

by Ashley M

Queenstown :: Arrowtown :: Lake Wanaka :: Puzzling World

Rise and shine! It’s a new morning! Was, for us, at least. Today, we explored Arrowtown and more of Queenstown. First, breakfast at Tiffany’s (jokes) A Taste of Gibbston Valley.

Quaint, and well-lit by the sun. Good coffee, my kind of cafe.

Plus! A smoked salmon bagel which I’ve devoured before remembering to take a photo. Everyone was slightly groggy but gaining sobriety after some coffee and food before we continued on our roadtrip.

Stumbled upon this sweet shop. Actually, The Remarkable Sweet Shop can be found in several places, even Queenstown Airport has one.

Kung Fu Hustle, anybody?

Everywhere I looked was beautiful. Nowhere like I’ve ever been before. It feels like we were in this box, or had this gorgeous never-ending backdrop… Simply amazing.

Did a bit of driving up to the mountains to see some snow. Lots of people seemed to be shocked that I have not seen real snow before.

Before you laugh, I live in Malaysia where it’s practically summer all year round with humidity, so there’s no chance of snow there. Also, I didn’t have the luxury of travelling overseas growing up, til I got the scholarship to study in NZ. So yeah! Mega excited or what?!




Building snowballs and having a little fight. Mostly throwing them at Doug cos he said I could. Such a sweetie. Haha

Sitting in the snow, feeling like a child not wanting to leave. I got carried away so much that my hair made me look extra crazy in the other photos. It was the highlight of my day..

A little later in the evening, it was time for Puzzling World. I haven’t heard or been to this place before but Shurun wanted to revisit the place, so we had our first look! Puzzling World is something like a place where there’s a lot of visual illusions and things that fck your mind. So get ready to be mindfcked. Haha

When you walk into a slanted room like dis… And trying not to tumble over other people.

These faces, concaved or convexed? 168 faces that watch you in the Hall of Following Faces.



Me bigger? Or you?


Creating his own illusion.


Lake Wanaka. Beautiful as pictures on the website, if not more gorgeous. Makes me wanna continue painting again. What could be more magical than a shimmering lake? Damn.



Horsing around like geeks. Haha can you make out what they’re trying to be?


That’s all for this part. Hope you will enjoy Arrowtown as much as I did!

Have a good winter everyone!


Ashley M


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