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by Ashley M

Queenstown – FERGBURGER :: Minus 5º ICE BAR

Another one to add into my travel diary!

This time to somewhere cold – and snowy, for the perfect winter holiday – Queenstown.


Beautiful views of mountains got me pretty damn excited to land and make snow angels. Had some turbulence on the way to Queenstown, and it was one of the most intense ones I’ve felt but I was laughing my head off at Doug’s shenanigans.

The vomit bag, krakas vomito and braak in other languages that was written on the bag humored me so much I had a laughing fit for more than half of the flight, tears forming in my eyes. Doug’s reenactment of Mr.Bean and the scene with the vomit bag took the cake for me.

Just dying with laughter and grossing out other passengers with vomit sounds.

So mature, I know.


Doug’s mid sneeze face. Priceless!


When I’m not taking photos on my phone, I’m using our trusty Toshiba Camileo X-Sports Camera yet again.

So, get ready to be blown away by the awesome landscapes of South Island NZ!




Walked around, absorbing the scenery and then we had one of Queenstown’s must-have specialties for dinner! Fergburger! The burgers are as big as my face, if not bigger, for around $12.50 and above per burger. With amazing flavours and many choices, we would definitely be coming back here again. Albeit the long wait, it was well worth it.

Oh! Also, they have insanely good onion rings! Totally recommend that if you ever visit Fergburgers, and wanted something to go with your monster burger.


I wasn’t kidding about the size. Face for scale ^

After dinner, we went to Minus 5º ICE BAR in town. For an ‘Antarctic’ experience, was the description. Haha, needless to say that I was super excited.

Upon entering, I was amazed by the lights and stuff, but was a tiny bit disappointed to see that it was really small and only a few people could enter at one go. I think it was for the best though, no crazies there. Still enjoyed my time and cocktails there!




All the ice sculptures and tables and chairs and even our cocktail glasses! It was nice and cold against my lips, I ended up eating a bit of it.


Although the lighting was almost impossible,  I think our cameras did an okay job!

2 Cocktails later, we all decided to call it a night. We got a deal off GrabOne for entry & one cocktail for $16, adding an additional cocktail for $6. Thought it was not expensive at all! However I think the entry for an adult is usually $30, if I’m not mistaken! It was a good deal.

All in all, I think it was a good experience. I hardly felt the cold, maybe because I was wearing a jacket in a jacket in a jacket and ski gloves. Haha! So paranoid of getting frozen but my face felt the cold and hey, I think -5 degrees is more preferable than windy Wellington weather.

The next part in the following post! Stay tuned.


Ashley M


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