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by Ashley M

Queenstown :: The Remarkables :: Snowboarding Tips

Hi readers, I’m back to share with you the amazing experience I had snowboarding at The Remarkables during my Queenstown trip. Probably the highlight of the trip because I enjoy new adventures and experiences so much, even though they hurt.

If I had learnt anything from this wonderful experience, these are some of them that hopefully would be helpful to anyone who stumbles upon this post and if you are thinking of trying out snowboarding. Enjoy!

Disclaimer :  I know there aren’t actual snowboarding tips here – I’m no expert!! But some tips of my own to have a good snowboarding experience. 🙂

Tip #1 : It is worth it to rent a pair of waterproof pants. 

I thought it was expensive, and wanted to save some cash, but I can’t imagine how miserable I’d be if I was falling around in the snow in jeans (of all things) and getting them wet – and cold. So, the rented pants were totally worth it. Just and extra $20 to make your day less unpleasant.

Tip # 2 : Avoid wearing glasses, if possible.

If possible, wear contact lenses because not only was it snowing, it was windy too. Wind + snow is going to @#$% up your glasses and if you are trying to wipe them, you’re gonna make it worse cos everything is wet. Poor Doug was a living example to this. Also, he was struggling to see when his glasses fogged up because of breathing through his snow facemask.

Tip # 3 : Take a beginner’s lesson if it is your first time.

That’s our instructor Scotty, who taught a really good class on how to snowboard and helped me up countless times when I fell. Also, cheering us on and encouraging us to keep trying. He showed us how to stop and how to turn and most of the basics, and made safety a priority.

Most importantly, we had an idea of how to snowboard and not get injured from “figuring out” how to snowboard. Especially with my shitty knee problems, I don’t need any extra injuries. So, if you are an absolute beginner, it is worth taking a lesson. If not mistaken, the package costed $145, with rentals. It really helps enhance the experience!

This was the “Magic Carpet”, where we took a conveyor belt type thing to get to the top of the hill and snowboard down. It was a teeny tiny hill, yet I fell before I made my way down. I was one with the snow.

Tip # 4 : Goggles are pretty important.

If you don’t want to squint your eyes while snowboarding or skiing, because it sure as heck as bright in the mountains that day! Extra bright because of the snow. Also, you can protect your eyes when it is snowing. It won’t be so fun when it is snowing into your eyes. I don’t regret this purchase! Plus it is pink. Got this for $45.

Initially I thought sunglasses would do the trick but snow would obviously get inside, just like normal glasses, so, they won’t work.

Tip # 5 : (Girls) Leave the lipstick at home if you are going to wear a face mask

I didn’t expect to wear or purchase one but the cold was biting at my face and nose, so it was worth it. But clever me decided to wear a bright pink lipstick that day, and it got ruined so badly by the mask. Looking like a crazy person when I pulled down my mask, but lesson learnt. Forget the lipstick.

Tip # 6 : Ski Gloves are good to have

Because they are waterproof. Like I said, everything gets wet and the last thing I wanted was wet cold hands. I got mine at a winter sale for $26! *proud*

Tip # 7 : Wear enough clothes!

Layer up! I wore 4 layers, not counting my winter jacket and waterproof pants. For the bottom, I wore opaque stockings underneath and a pair of socks over them.

Tip # 8 : Remember where you leave your rentals.

Because there are so many boards and skis everywhere, we didn’t want to lose ours, so we took them wherever we went most of the time.

Tip # 8 : Have fun!! 🙂

Don’t be afraid of falling down. It’s always good to fall on your butt if anything, avoid falling on your wrists. Enjoy the adrenaline and the awesomeness that is snowboarding!

If I had any setbacks, it was being afraid once I started moving really fast and unable to tell my feet to stop the right way, resulting in me falling. Which was fine. But the hardest part was getting up and not falling again. You will know what I mean if you try it for the first time. >:)

Take a lot of photos and videos too! I got a video on my Instagram of Doug doing a pretty decent job coming down the hill. Teacher’s pet. Hmph.

Also, here he is invading the children’s play area and attempting to make a snow angel. Classic Doug.

I hope you will have an awesome time learning how to snowboard and experience the adrenaline and excitement in this sport! I would love to do it again if there was an opportunity next time. Hopefully I would fall a lot less. Ha, not likely though. I also hope this post was somewhat helpful. The Remarkables was truly, remarkable in every aspect. I had so much fun!

PS. You will wake up the next day with a sore butt and body the next day!

Feel free to share your tips with me in the comments below!


Ashley M


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