So Space

by Ashley M

Counting down the days – 10

10 Days to Home


Excited to be reunited with my loved ones and see familiar faces again. Eating familiar food again and doing things I used to do.

The saying “Home is where the Heart is” can’t be more true – no doubt I am homesick, doesn’t mean I cry everyday in my room wishing for my pre-NZ life back, but I dream about home every night. Fragments of past memories, people I love and the most tormenting dreams are the type that I would be driving to have chili pan mee, but then wake up, realizing that I am miles away from the chili pan mee shop. *cry*

My subconscious won’t forgive me for not having chili pan mee in KL for 3 years now, despite being back in KL but I was just too sick to have spicy foods at the end of my holidays in 2013. Now, it’s so close I can taste it!! Soon…

So that mildly sums up my severity of homesickness. Ha! Home seems like another dimension that I have to travel through a portal to get there and soon I will be there.


That being said, life in New Zealand has been good to me. Although I am not the happiest at times,  boy am I thankful to God that I can afford to pay my rent, the bills, food and have access to quality education here.

Not to mention, the most amazing teammate and partner I could ever wish for – Douglas. Wellington wouldn’t be as sweet without him, always having each other’s back.


We visited Eastbourne the other day, which had one of the most stunning views. (One of the perks of living in New Zealand)

We boarded the ferry at noon to get to Eastbourne, you could also take a bus but the ferry was much more fun.


We were lucky for such awesome weather! Warm and sunny and not so windy. Perfect.


This was a reminiscence of Gurney Drive, Penang. Just had to take one and send it to my mom. We have planned a trip to visit my grand aunt in Penang end of December so that one will be coming up soon! Gonna take a picture to compare to take this one.


Ate at the Chocolate Dayz Cafe, probably the most popular cafe/eatery if you visited Day’s Bay/ Eastbourne. Eastbourne is 15 min walk from the pier, which is at Day’s Bay. Beautiful cafe, sunny and beautiful views of the sea and people on the beach.

There was a very laid back, lazy beach vibe about this place and cafe which I really enjoyed, Jack Johnson playing in the background mixed with sounds of the waves. Wish I had brought my bikini!




Eastbourne was a small little place with a few shops, most of them were not open when we were there unfortunately. I enjoyed Day’s Bay the most. Bringing my bikini the next time.

Taking a ferry to Eastbourne was one of the things that we have been wanting to do on a good sunny day, when I wasn’t having any exams or classes, just a nice relaxed date. For now, packing for home will be the main focus and enjoying our many TV shows and gaming marathons together.

Something to end the post – an authentic unedited picture of the view outside my apartment. Doesn’t the sky look like PaddlePop Rainbow?



Ashley M




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