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by Ashley M

Tulip Sunday


What felt like not long ago was the start of spring in Wellington, and to welcome the season, Wellingtonians gathered at the Botanic Gardens to celebrate Tulip Sunday.


Beautiful weather and sun that day – simply amazing after 3 months of brooding winter. Flowers were blooming beautifully too! My mom and Doug’s love tulips, I can see both moms enjoying the sight of these beauties if they were here.




There were not only tulips but other beautiful flowers to see there. Tulip Sunday was to celebrate Dutch culture and tulips (duh) as part of the Spring Festival 2015 in Wellington. Probably one of the festivals in Wellington I’ve really enjoyed!





It was a nice day for a stroll and sightseeing, with some entertainment taking place at the Soundshell, as I do recall some Dutch girls doing a Dutch dance and some singing.



It wasn’t so windy that day so I could wear my hat without the fear of needing to chase it if it got blown away. One time it blew across the street and I ran after it, thankfully there was no traffic at the time. RIP hat if there were cars going about!


Some cherry blossom trees. So gorgeous! Don’t have to go all the way to Japan to see this.. and also part of Doug’s ear and head.

One of the reasons I love Wellington is this. You can see it in the pictures. Things here are well taken care of, public places are nice and clean. The people really look after these places so that everyone can enjoy it. Makes me thankful for being able to experience this while back at home I have an immense fear of public restrooms and public phones which are mostly vandalized and etc. I’m amazed at how beautiful things are here, despite being a quaint small town.





This was the view from the top o the Botanic Gardens, overlooking the Lady Norwood Rose Garden and Cafe – which is that little greenhouse to the right side of the circle. Great coffee and food but it was so packed that day that we decided to skip the cafe.


Kids playing around at the fountain and people walking their dogs. I love seeing little dogs walking around and go crazy over them!



Poppies – one of my favourite flowers as well. Love them so much I got a few of my own from a florist nearby my place.

I bought them as little buds before they bloomed – just to see them bloom, probably one of the most exciting things I’ve seen. Florist probably thinks I’m crazy but what the heck, pretty sure she’d get it. It would’ve been cooler if I could time lapse the whole thing.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my love for flowers and Tulip Sunday! What’s your favourite flower? Comment below if you love flowers too. 🙂



Ashley M


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