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by Ashley M

Hair Makeover :: 76 Salon, Publika

As hair maintenance can get quite pricey in New Zealand (especially in New Zealand Dollars), I made an appointment to get my hair done at the well-known 76 Salon a month in advance – here.


I made my booking online, which was quite simple and stress-free. You get to pick a hair stylist of your choice, in their respectable 76 salon branches. At one point, I had change of plans, and emailed them to cancel my appointment. Seemed promising to me how they got back to me so quickly.

I did my research based on their Instagram and social media – though I must say that their social media platform is strong. Almost each stylist have their own Instagram accounts, showcasing their works of art. I thought I would have a go at this salon myself.

My sister had previously permed her hair at one of the 76 Salon branches and returned with mixed feelings. Her hair undoubtedly looked amazing, however, the service she received from her hair stylist did not live up to the standard of this well-known place. He was snappy and rude to her, and my sister is quite timid-natured, so she just kept silent the whole time he did her hair. Nonetheless, she would not be getting her hair done by this guy again.

I have heard more mixed reviews of this place prior to going for my own appointment. I have heard that if you are not a social media person or a sponsored blogger or anything like that, you would receive pretty bad treatment/service. I guess I would never know until I tried, and obviously avoided booking under that grumpy sulky stylist who did my sister’s hair.


It’s a given that my hair was shyte by the time I landed, so I went ahead and made an appointment with Hikky at 76 Salon at Publika 2 days after landing, with sis. To our relief, she was lovely and friendly to us, giving useful advice on what and what not to do with our hair at their current state.

Sis wanted a trim and to perm her hair again, but because her hair was still dry and damaged, she was recommended at treatment and a trim instead.


Mine was…. botched. I had patches of brown in my hair, with green highlights and previously made a big mistake of dying my hair black in April.


Because of that, I can’t easily remove the dye and had to bleach my black parts in the front 3 times before the colour lifted. You can probably see the brown patches in my hair if you zoomed in the photo.


Bleaching in progress. We decided to only work on my front pieces and left the rest to be black, since they’d be a bitch to bleach and I’d be left with broken strands of hair.

So Hikky will try to even out the tones of my hair, getting rid of the brown patches, and giving me a brand new colour for my front lights.


Praying to God that it’ll turn out fine. Bye bye green lights! Don’t think I’ll miss them too much. They were turning into a disgusting yellow/green hue.. like snot.

After 4 grueling hours, my hair was done and ready to go. We were almost late for my mom’s dinner at Empire at 8.30pm but managed to skip the rush hour jam and made it there at 8.29pm! Talk about a close call!!

This was before :

This is after :



I really like the end results! How she saved my hair from looking like a hot mess was amazing. I didn’t ask for the colour, she simply recommended me some as I couldn’t make up my mind, and I went with her choices.

In my front pieces, there are some warm grey tones, some cool semi-pastel ash blue, and some hints of lavender. I am officially accepting the grey hair trend right now although, I prefer to not have it on the whole head. I love how my hair turned out and it did not feel overly damaged by the bleach, which was a good sign indeed.

Because my camera is crappy in dimly lit places, the colours are not so obvious. Although here are other pictures :





In this picture above ^ it looks bluish – sunlight coming through the window that was facing me. Love it!


Different colours under different lighting.

Although this is considered a mild look for what I was initially going for, Hikky told me it’s a good start especially to even out some of the tones in my hair and prep it for pastel colours in the future.

I’m pretty satisfied with my visit to 76 Salon, although I should wish that my hair grows a bit faster so I can do more things with it! Really liked the service, and do have something to eat/ go to the loo before your hair appointment because the wait was long for me during the bleaching! Other than that, I look forward to my next hair appointment.

Here’s to more exciting hair colours!


Ashley M




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