So Space

by Ashley M

Bark’s Bunnies Cafe, SS18



The other day we visited Bark’s Bunnies Cafe. It is one of the few pet cafes that have been popping up here and there in Malaysia. How I wished Wellington had one. *sniff*

I’m a bunny lover myself, so visiting this cafe was quite exciting for me.


Here are the fluffy critters! The bunnies area was a little smaller than I had expected it to be, and it is separated from the eating area, which was a good thing because it’s cleaner that way.




Watching the rabbits do their thing while waiting for our food to come.


We didn’t order much, just a snack to share between us as we just had lunch less than an hour ago. Kim ordered the Mac ‘n’ Cheese which was RM17.90. They had a range of Western food and some cakes if you were in the mood.

Our dish was not too bad, but just so-so for the price. Perhaps the cakes were better.

The service of the place was pretty good though. I must say that I was impressed with the manager who bothered entertaining us and telling us about each and every rabbit that was in the play pen, their naughty little antics, their names and who liked to be carried and who didn’t. Pretty useful info for when we wanted to play with them later.


Rabbit play area is separated by a glass, so no funky smells when you were eating.



All of them have names but I can’t really recall, except Penguin, who was this black and white rabbit. We were told that Penguin was the naughtiest one of the lot.


The only one that would be carried was this one – she was injured previously so they had to put her in a separate cage so that her stitches could heal. Poor baby!


Carried her for a bit before quickly putting her back, she looks so delicate.



Kim feeding the others. She’s taken a liking to this one.

At first we were a bit taken aback by the smell when we entered the play pen area, because there wasn’t much ventilation except an air conditioner and a vent fan. It smelled quite a bit but after awhile we got used to it. Didn’t stay too long to play with the rabbits because of it. If there was a con it would have to be that. Otherwise, this place isn’t too bad.


Generally, the rabbits here are locally-bred, a bit bigger sized than I’d expected and are adult rabbits. They don’t like being carried, hence we didn’t get to spend much time with them. They seem a bit indifferent, probably because half of them were napping and they were used to people coming in and out of the pen.

I give this place a 6/10.Can’t really complain cos it’s close to where I live, but I had a better time at the Rabbit Farm at Bukit Tinggi.

If you like rabbits, perhaps this link will help!


Ps. Saw this adorable little one at the pet shop at Ikano and was so tempted to bring him home. I just really want one! Hinted to my dad since Wellington life is pretty quiet… He just grunted.

Till then,

Ashley M




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