So Space

by Ashley M

Hello, Auckland.

Hello from the City of Sails!


Thanks, Wordpress, for reminding me that it has been over 6 months since my previous post. In the 6 months – it was a massive period of transition. Massive.

Firstly, I am proud (and relieved) to say that I am finally – a music degree graduate from New Zealand Music School at Victoria University of Wellington. I’ve just gotten my last exam results and then a congratulatory email from the university. Then it finally hit me that I’ve officially graduated from my degree studies. Hurray.

On to the next phase of life – relocation & work. Destination : Auckland.


Thanks for the memories, Windy Wellington. Doubt I’d miss the winds though.

Looking back….

I wasn’t the happiest passenger arriving at Wellington International Airport for the first time in 2013, puffy-eyed from saying my goodbyes to my KL buddies, loathing being in a country where ‘sheeps will be my new friends’. Hardly any parties, a place where the wind is enough to blow a bus stop sign down, hilly terrain and a quiet life. My mom didn’t seem to mind however, after the countless times I’ve come home after 3am (lecturing the heck out of me).


The monstrosity.


Byebye, apartmenku tersayang.

It was a quiet life but it was a reconstruction period of my life that I didn’t know I needed so badly. I’ve met amazing people, made some great memories and most importantly, felt more at peace with myself mentally. Studying in the music school had kicked my ass into training like an athlete, doing hours and hours of practice, something I hadn’t done so much when I was in KL, doing all sorts of part-time work to get the means to get by.


I can’t say how much I valued staying at home with family until I moved to New Zealand (bet my mum is smirking now); I’ve experienced loneliness, fear, anxiety being somewhere far away from home by myself but came out with lots of different skills and ways to deal with things. The blows that came from many situations were lessened by the fact that Douglas was there for me. He really is the best partner one could ask for, going through the hurdles life throws at us.


More to come, especially when in Auckland, surely. We went hand-in-hand, after packing an obscene amount of stuff from Wellington, tired out of our minds doing numerous house viewings, and now we are sitting in the living room watching TV with a generous and kind family friend (godsend) who offered to house us for a few days while we wait to move into the new place.

Any tips on home decoration on a budget? Tips on Auckland events and nightlife? The Auckland salsa scene? Orchestras? Music teaching work? Shopping? Feel free to throw in the comments . Auckland has been as expected – the hubbub from the city that scream life to a city girl like me.

Tis just the beginning.




Ashley M






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